Fantasy Football Rap Up

picks against the spread

By Skip and Boras

This is the week to make a trade. By now your team has either laid a couple of eggs and you’re in full panic mode, or your squad is looking so strong that even guys on your bench are going off. Either way, it’s time to make a move while a lot of players’ perceived value is inflated or deflated from the norm. Today we’ll be throwing out a couple of trade scenarios that could be going on in your league.
Sell High: Andy Dalton – We’ve seen the Red Rocket come out like this before, only to crash like Volkswagon’s stocks. While we think he will finish stronger than he has in the past, chances are (unless you’re in a deeper league) he’s probably on your bench. Trade him to the guy who lost Big Ben or the guy freaking out about Andrew Luck’s start. QB is the easiest position to plug and play on BYE weeks, and given injuries to higher ranked QBs like Brees and Ben, it’s time to pull the trigger and consolidate talent early.
Sell High: Jeremy Maclin – We’ll say last night was more about the Chiefs falling behind, with a little of Andy Reid wanting to put the “No TDs to a WR streak” to bed. Maclin had his biggest game of the season in prime time, which beautifully inflates his value. He’ll be a solid flex play going forward, but this is the week to get the biggest return.
Buy Low: Andrew Luck – He can only go up from here, baby! His ADP is causing buyer’s remorse. Time to strike.
Buy Low: Marshawn Lynch – No TDs, hasn’t scratched 100 yards yet, and a little banged up. With him arriving to the game late and leaving early, he was probably not a huge factor in the game plan. Pete Carroll and OC Darrell Bevell are going to play with their new toys (Graham, Rawls and Lockett) for the first half of the season and eventually turn back to their workhorse down the stretch. Buy into the Beast while his stock is at an all-time low.

Featured Image Credit: By SteelCityHobbies (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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