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Fantasy Football: 5 Quarterback ADP Robberies

Matt Dulcan looks at 5 NFL quarterbacks whose average fantasy football draft positions make them a great value this year.

Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears – ADP: Pick 167 – Round 13 – QB21

The Chicago Bears awarded him a big seven-year, $126.7 million contract in 2014. The deal contains $54 million guaranteed. He was paid to be a franchise quarterback, and whether the coaches like it or not, he will be that. He is the best option they have right now and is better than any backup in the league. Cutler’s fantasy production is not in current question, having finished as the QB12 last season, it is his holding the job that the masses fear. I guarantee you Cutty will not lose his job to Jimmy Clausen under Adam Gase.

Sam Bradford – Philadelphia Eagles – ADP: Pick 96 – Round 8  – QB12

Bradford looked great in his 2nd and especially 3rd preseason game and boy he can really spin it. He is in a quarterback friendly system that saw production from whoever was manning the helm in 2014. Bradford has three incredibly talented receiving options in Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, and Zach Ertz, and an out of this world backfield of DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, and Darren Sproles, coupled with the PFF top graded offensive line of yesteryear. It doesn’t get better than this. Coming off of injury special here.

Matt Stafford – Detroit Lions – Pick 87 – Round 8 – QB10

Last year he finished with the 15th most standard fantasy points among quarterbacks without Calvin Johnson healthy. Johnson is now healthy and that spells fantasy success for Matt Stafford. In the last three years Calvin was healthy, 2013, 2012,and 2011, he finished as the QB4, the QB10, and the QB5 respectively. This doesn’t mention that Golden Tate is now in town, and this will be the first full season he and Johnson have had complementing one another. The arrow is still pointing up.

Carson Palmer – Arizona Cardinals – ADP: Pick 132 – Round 11 -QB17


Carson Palmer was on an absolute tear last year while he was healthy. He averaged 22 fantasy points per game (5pt TD pass) and that pace over a season would have amounted to 353 points. That total would have made him a top 10 fantasy quarterback last season. If he stays healthy, he will build on these impressive performances and hosts a ceiling among the top 8 at his position.
Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – ADP: Pick 183 – Round 14 – QB24

Dalton has poor public perception and it is effecting his fantasy status. Lucky for you, this perception is the root of an insane value. Dalton has a loaded receiver core and an insanely talented backfield, 2 ingredients in the recipe for fantasy success. Also, Bengals OC Hue Jackson said “We’re going to open Pandora’s box more. We tickled it a little bit last year. … It’s a chess match, and whoever is not afraid to pull the trigger, pull the trigger. And I’m not afraid, so let’s go.” ( The red rifle is locked and loaded. Dalton is coming off of a bad year, finishing as the fantasy QB18 in 2014. In 2013 he finished as the QB3 and in 2012 the QB12. His ‘skills’ are not diminished and he has a healthy A.J. Green this year, along with Marvin Jones. There is too much upside here for his cost.

Featured Image Credit: By Mike Morbeck (originally posted to Flickr as Jay Cutler) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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