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Elementary School Sports Reporter Drops Hottest Take on Cam Newton

An elementary school sports reporter took down Panthers QB Cam Newton with a scorching hot take.

Cam Newton

Heads up Cam Newton, because you’ve just been put on notice by one of the most scorching hot takes you’ll ever be subjected to, courtesy of one intrepid elementary school sports reporter from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Twitter user Jeff Atkins (@atkinsjeff) posted this editorial after it showed up this week in his son’s school newspaper. It’s an efficient, masterful, point-by-point take down of the Panthers quarterback, basically fingering Newton as the reason for the team’s lack of success. Of course he ends his column by questioning whether Carolina was any good in the first place, thereby taking some of the blame off Cam and placing it on his teammates. Pretty genius move when you think about it.

ESPN should find this kid and hire him now. Sure, suggesting Cam Newton be moved to running back and handing the starting gig to Derek Anderson is a bit out there, but it’s no worse than the mindless drivel Skip Bayless and his partner Stephen A. Smith spew out on a daily basis.

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