Watch: Hampton Coach Joyner Calls Jesus When Asked About Kentucky Game

Hampton dropped Manhattan 74-64 in their First Four matchup this past Tuesday to punch their ticket to the round of 64 in the NCAA Tournament, setting up a Thursday game against No.1 ranked Kentucky. In his post-game presser, Hampton coach Edward Joyner Jr. was asked how big of a mountain his team would have to climb to take down the heavily favored Wildcats. Before answering, Coach Joyner used his “phone-a-friend” option and called Jesus to get his take on what Hampton’s odds are at beating Kentucky.

Spoiler alert—Jesus hung up on him.

The Pirates’ sense of humor isn’t solely limited to their coach. Late in the Manhattan game, the bench orchestrated the somewhat famous double tap, leg cross dugout celebration from the classic movie Major League.

Granted, it wasn’t an exact representation, but it was pretty cool nonetheless (skip to the 2:00 mark to see the cinematic Cleveland Indians team’s original celebration).

Hampton won’t be around too much longer in the tournament, but until Kentucky completely dismantles them on Thursday, just sit back and enjoy what is arguably the funnest team in the field. They may be No.16 in your program, but they’re No.1 in your heart.

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Jeff Greenwell