Gilbert Arenas’ 2009 Locker Room Gun Incident Now a Jeopardy! Clue

Gilbert Arenas hasn’t played in the NBA since 2012, but that didn’t stop the quiz masters on Jeopardy! from including Arenas in one of their patented “clues” on a recent episode of the venerable game show. Unfortunately for Agent Zero, the clue referenced his now infamous 2009 locker room gun incident with then teammate Javaris Crittenton, and not one of his many basketball accomplishments.

Maybe becoming a Jeopardy! clue for pulling a gun on one of your teammates isn’t such a terrible thing to be remembered for, considering that the other participant in the incident—Javaris Crittenton—ended up being brought up on murder and drug charges in 2011. Hey, I’m just a glass half full kind of guy.

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  1. I am a long-time fan of the University of Arizona basketball program.  I am one of those “be at every home game” and, if the team is on the road, everyone knows not to interrupt me while I’m watching the game on the biggest screen I can find.  That said, Gilbert Arenas was the soul of control both on and off the court.  He was a terrific player, of course, but the thing that set him aside was his deep appreciation of the UA fans. Aside from appreciating his skill and talent, my fondest memories of him were the times he stood, in immaculate street clothes, at the end of the stairs the fans had to climb to leave McKale Center (our basketball venue), thanking each person for having come to the game and for supporting the Wildcats. 

    I was saddened when he was drafted at such a young age, fearing he was not ready to deal with  the atmosphere of professional basketball.  As I have read of his various problems in and out of the NBA, I am so sorry my fears became reality.  I want to believe that he has turned a corner and will find a place in the NBA for as long ads he can handle the physical and mental stress.  He really was a GOOD guy at the UA.

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