NBA Power Rankings Week 15

Jeff Teague

All-Star Weekend is upon us. But, before we can kick back in the splendor of watching how bad Kyle Korver will sink the three-point competition, we have to take a look at how the NBA Power Rankings have looked halfway through the season. As has been the case for the past month-and-a-half, we see a lot of Hawks and Warriors at the top.

1. Atlanta Hawks – Two losses in the span of less than a week seems like an illusion in Atlanta nowadays. But, despite losses to Memphis and New Orleans, Atlanta proved against the Warriors who’s the top hawk.

2. Golden State Warriors – The duke-out for the first spot went to Atlanta. But, the Warriors are just a hair behind them in the overall standings and are now No.1 in offensive and defensive efficiency.

3. Memphis Grizzlies – Memphis is eyeing the top once more. A toppling of the almighty Atlanta Hawks certainly works in their favor.

4. Houston Rockets – Somehow (OK, not somehow, someone, as in, D-Mo), Houston continues to survive without Dwight Howard.

5. Toronto Raptors – Going 8-2 in the last 10, the Raptors are back to early season form. Yet, they continue to bungle highly winnable games.

6. San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs can’t seem to climb out of mediocrity which might be as telling as we’ve ever seen with this Spurs team.

7. Los Angeles Clippers – It was not a good time for the Clips to lose Griffin as they’re playing poorly and have a long haul of good competition coming up.

8. Dallas Mavericks – Without Rondo, the Mavs are getting it done, even against top West teams like Portland, finally.

9. Cleveland Cavaliers – The combo of LeBron and Mozgov has been scary defensively, which accounts for the major jump.

10. Portland Trailblazers – Aldridge continues to prove himself a star but Portland isn’t following suit.

11. Chicago Bulls – Three-straight for the Bulls who are top-three out East again. If Tony Snell can drop 20-plus, even a quarter of the rest of the way, this flawed squad can see a major turnaround.

12.  Washington Wizards – 0-5 against the Raptors and Hawks. They better hope they play Chicago in all four rounds of the playoffs.

13. Milwaukee Bucks – Giannis has it all.

14. Phoenix Suns – The Suns just can’t close out one-play-deciding games and it could cost them the postseason before they even get there.

15. New Orleans Pelicans – The new streakbusters. Atlanta, take notice.

16. Oklahoma City Thunder – OKC is boxing with New Orleans as the two seesaw their way to Phoenix country.

17.  Charlotte Hornets – They snatched eighth place back from Brooklyn…for now.

18. Indiana Pacers – Indy checked Cleveland. Can George Hill do for their season what he did against Charlotte?

19. Detroit Pistons – Without Jennings, the Pistons have taken a major hit on the defensive end. Not exactly expected results but worrisome no less.

20. Utah Jazz – Offense just isn’t a thing the Jazz can hang their hat on.

21. Miami Heat – No Wade, no good.

22. Boston Celtics – The small ball experiment is working in Boston where the C’s are a plus-30 when only one big takes to the hardwood at a time.

23. Brooklyn Nets – The Nets can still rack up impressive wins as seen against Toronto and the Clippers.

24. Sacramento KingsGeorge Karl has been known to have the magic touch but never the miracle touch.

25. Denver Nuggets – Losing 12 of 13 isn’t ugly enough to drop you below Philly but no one said it was pretty.

26. Philadelphia 76ers – Don’t look now but Philly won a game without MCW for the first time since before 2014 hit. That’s right: we’re well into 2015 now.

27. Orlando Magic – Not much can be expected from a team who just axed their coach. Yet, the Magic remain a team with potential…for next year.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves –A win against No. 3 Memphis was the high note for Minnesota’s week. But, can a team that is 11-41 fare just as well against the league’s No. 1 (Atlanta) and No. 2 (Golden State)?

29. New York Knicks – No Melo, no good.

30. Los Angeles Lakers – How the mighty fall.

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