MLB Execs So Worried About ARod They Hired Bodyguards, Checked for Recording Devices

Alex Rodriguez

There are still tensions between Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and team and league executives, according to a new New York Daily News report, but the exact reason why is buried half the article in.

According to the paper, things between ARod and the MLB got so heated during his suspension appeal that paranoid league executives had their homes and offices swept for bugs and hired bodyguards because Alex Rodriguez is a damn crazy person.

Per The Daily News:

Relations between Rodriguez, MLB and the Yankees became so heated in late 2013 and early 2014 that baseball executives and team officials hired extra security for protection, going so far as to have their homes and offices swept for bugging devices and employing bodyguards to accompany them, according to sources.

“He put everyone through a lot of undue grief and unnecessary expense,” said one baseball source.

In one incident at a charity event at the Manhattan Woods Golf Club in Pearl River, N.Y., Manfred’s caddy was approached by an investigator allegedly working for Rodriguez demanding to know what Manfred had been discussing during his golf round.

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Igor Derysh
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