Terrance Knighton Has Now Been Fined $300K for Being Too Fat

Terrance Knighton

Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton is one of the best in the game and rakes in a cool $2 million or so per year to push dudes around.

Turns out, aside from kicking a lot of that back to the tax man, Knighton has now lost $300,000 over the last “several years” because of team fines related to his weight.

On the bright side, it turns out that fines are tax deductible.

Mike Freeman reports:

Knighton over the past several years has been fined approximately $300,000 for weight-related issues. Mostly, the fines have been for Knighton missing weight markers, a person familiar with the situation told Bleacher Report.

In speaking with several people around the NFL, none could remember such a substantial fine amount over a weight issue. That doesn’t mean it’s never happened. It only means no one I spoke to can remember such a circumstance.

(One piece of good news on the fines: They are tax deductible, according to Robert Raiola, a CPA who tweets frequently on sports related tax issues.)

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Igor Derysh
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