Daily Fantasy Football: DraftKings Cheat Sheet – Divisional Round

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If you have not played on DraftKings yet, be sure to make your first deposit which will earn you a free spot in a paid tournament. Why play DraftKings? In addition to being one of the most aesthetically-pleasing websites on the internet, DraftKings offers user-friendly scoring and rules which can be found in full here. In addition, there is no kicker so any of those six field goal days will not ruin your weekend.

The details of this week’s contest:

DraftKings $100K Play-Action

-Turn $2 into $10,000

-$100,000 in Total Prizes

-$10,000 First Place prize

-Just $2 to enter

Without further ado, your NFL cheat sheet for Divisional Round Weekend in the NFL.

The players are ranked from top to bottom based on value, price and matchup.


Tom Brady, New England Patriots $7,800

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks $7,800

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers $8,900

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys $7,600

Running Back

C.J. Anderson, Denver Broncos $7,600

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks $8,000

Dan Herron, Indianapolis Colts $5,300

Shane Vereen, New England Patriots $4,800

Wide Receiver

Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers $8,300

Emannuel Sanders, Denver Broncos $7,100

Cole Beasley, Dallas Cowboys $3,900

Paul Richardson, Seattle Seahawks $3,200

Tight End

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots $7,100 (Get him into your lineups)


Seattle $3,700 (Get them into your lineups


Despite having the highest prices, Gronkowski and the Seattle defense are must plays this week, simply because of the scarcity at the rest of the position. At tight end, Julius Thomas has not been a factor in what seems like forever, and Greg Olsen lines up against Seattle’s linebackers and safeties in what is a terrible matchup.

After taking those two, you will need some cheap options, and Richardson can do the honors at just $200 over the minimum. He caught five passes in each of the last two games, and has double-digit fantasy points in three straight games. Adding him to your lineups will increase the cap room needed for a quarterback this week, because you will need it.

At running back, C.J. Anderson is a must play with the best matchup left and in a full PPR scoring system on DraftKings. He has a floor of 20 fantasy points since Week 10 (one outlier) and has been the savior to the Broncos offense with Manning’s arm strength not being 100 percent. With cheaper wide receivers, you can also afford Dan Herron, who caught 10 passes last week. In full PPR, Luck’s safety valve is an excellent option as your RB2 against the Broncos.

With some cash left, you’ll have your choice of Russell Wilson, Tom Brady or Tony Romo. My preference is Brady, but all three should have excellent games. Since Gronkowski is in your lineup and has scored a touchdown in an overwhelming majority of his career games, add his quarterback in Brady to complete a Patriots passing attack stack. Baltimore gave up over 330 yards to Ben Roethlisberger last week, and Brady will be sure to target that weakness again this week, especially with a healthy Gronkowski for the first time in the postseason in two years.

Good luck this weekend, as it is the last weekend in daily fantasy football with more than two games. This is it, make it count!

Statistics found from numbers on ESPN.com, ProFootballFocus.com, and DraftKings.com. Good luck this weekend.

* Indicates possible inactive, check inactive reports an hour before kickoff.

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