Kevin Garnett ‘Aggressively’ Blew in David West’s Ear, Not ‘Sensual’ Like Lance Stephenson

During Saturday’s tilt between Brooklyn and Indiana, Nets forward Kevin Garnett didn’t take too kindly to how much “flapping” the Pacers were doing on the court and decided to randomly blow in Pacers forward David West’s face.

It paid off, as West shoved him and drew a technical foul.

Certainly the best part of the incident is the quote it drew from West after the game as he compared Garnett’s blowing to when former teammate Lance Stephenson blew in LeBron James’ ear last season.

After the game West told ESPN’s Mike Mazzeo:

Everybody was kinda looking at me trying to figure out what made me push him or whatever, but he blew in my face, an aggressive blow at that. I think Lance’s was more sensual, you know? That was an aggressive one.

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