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5 Takeaways From Week 14 in the NFL

Comeback victories, shakeups in the divisional races and another rare Oakland victory headline XN’s Week 14 NFL observations.


After Another Browns Loss, Is It Time For Johnny Football?

Cleveland fell victim to another Indianapolis comeback victory, Andrew Luck‘s  seventh when the team has trailed by 10 or more points in the second half, which is the most in the league over the last three seasons.

After the Browns held Luck and the Colts to 31 yards of offense through their first six drives, Luck rebounded to throw for almost 300 yards and two touchdowns to none other than T.Y. Hilton for the win.

Brian Hoyer, who earned the start despite the fourth-quarter benching a week ago in Buffalo, was unable to keep pace with Luck. Now, it begs the question of whether coach Mike Pettine will continue to trot out the ineffective veteran another week, especially with the team falling further and further out of contention.

A long-shot to make the postseason, Cleveland should turn to their first-round pick. Johnny Manziel may not be Andrew Luck is his first NFL start, but he offers a much higher upside for the long term than Hoyer, who has been especially mediocre over the past month or so.

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