Mario Balotelli Defeats Racism by Saying Mario ‘Jumps Like a Black Man, Grabs Coins Like a Jew’

Mario Balotelli

Soccer star Mario Balotelli is facing a suspension after he posted an “anti-racism” message that came off… pretty darn racist.

On Monday, Balotelli posted this image to his Instagram account:

After obviously receiving a call from the league/manager/team/everyone with common sense, Balotelli took down the photo and posted this on Twitter:

Well, at least anti-racist Mario Balotelli learned a lesson about racism. But he’s not out of the woods.

The Guardian reports:

Mario Balotelli has been contacted by the Football Association for his observations regarding the Super Mario image he posted on Instagram and has until 6pm on Friday to respond.

The FA is considering whether to charge Balotelli for misconduct so will take into account the Italian’s response to the governing body’s request and the apology he issued earlier on Tuesday.

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