49ers May Trade Jim Harbaugh to Oakland Raiders, New York Jets

Despite leading his team to a Super Bowl and two NFC Championships over the last three seasons, there has been much speculation that head coach Jim Harbaugh’s days in San Francisco may be numbered.

While the 49ers may yet give Harbaugh a contract extension if the team makes a playoff run, there are now rumblings that the team may look to trade their head coach to a hapless team like the Raiders or Jets in exchange for draft picks in the off-season.

More via Schefter:

If the 49ers can pull off a 4-0 finish to the regular season and make a run in the postseason that some in the organization are still convinced is possible, Harbaugh could land a contract extension, sources said.

He will have one year remaining on his existing deal but has already rebuffed extension offers.

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