Pacquiao Schools Algieri in a One-Sided, Knockdown-Filled Affair

Through 12 dominating rounds, welterweight titlist Manny Pacquiao soundly defeated him on points, scoring six official knockdowns in the process and looking as powerful as ever in a defense of his WBO belt in Macau, China, before a packed house of over 13,000 fans.

The only question that remains, perhaps, is whether Algieri (20-1, 8 KO) will be remembered for falling to the canvas six times or whether he’ll be remembered for getting up on those six occasions to continue trying to notch an impossible win.

The punchstats favored Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KO) in deceptively close numbers in spite of the enormous difference perceived in the ring. Pacquiao outlanded Algieri 229 to 108 after throwing 669 punches to Algieri’s 469 (a 46%-38 % landing percentage, respectively). But the difference in the ring was even more notorious, as Pacquiao kept his foe in retreat in every single round and landed the more telling punches throughout the bout.

The first knockdown of the fight was actually a slip, but all five other knockdowns (two in the 6th and 9th rounds, and one more in the 10th) were inexcusable, and the first one of the ninth round was particularly demolishing, with Algieri rising at the count of 9 and a half and looking disoriented before getting a pass from referee Genaro Rodriguez.

In the end, Pacquiao received two scorecards of 119-103 (in agreement with XN Sports) and a more definitive one of 120-102 for one of his most lopsided wins ever.

“I did my best tonight,” said Pacquiao after his victory, before calling out Floyd Mayweather once again with the roaring approval of the crowd. And after such a terrific display of power, there is no reason to believe that Mayweather will be any more inclined to take on his challenge than he was before the initial bell rang.


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