Boxing: Three Things to Watch in Pacquiao vs. Algieri

As the Manny Pacquiao-Chris Algieri catchweight PPV fight draws near and the buzz starts to pick up (not nearly as high as in any other Pacquiao fight in the past couple of years, but still up there), all analysis seem to favor the Pac-Man in what everyone expects to be a pointless, stay-busy fight for him while he waits to face Floyd Mayweather for what has been called “the largest collection of marbles ever assembled in the history of pugilism” (and yes, that is a trademarked, registered and copyrighted sentence brought to you by Diego Morilla Enterprises).

Now, while at least certain parts of the preceding paragraph may be less than accurate (OK, Diego Morilla Enterprises doesn’t exist yet), there may be a few things to keep an eye on during and after the Saturday, November 22nd bout. Here are a few of them to keep in mind:

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