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Madison Bumgarner Bought His Wife a Cow as a Wedding Gift

The New York Times dug deep into Madison Bumgarner’s rural upbringing, possible family inbreeding, and curious gift-giving.

Madison Bumgarner

A recent New York Times profile of Madison Bumgarner dug deep into his rural upbringing and possible family inbreeding, but one fun fact was buried as a parenthetical aside when it maybe should have been the lead:

Per NYT:

In the off-season, Madison lives with his wife, Ali, a few miles away, across Gunpowder Creek on a 140-acre farm in Dudley Shoals. (As a wedding gift, Madison gave Ali a cow.)

Of course, it may not have been a “cow,” per one know-it-all commenter.

According to a reader named Yorkville Kate:

I think you need one more correction. He gave her a bull calf, not a cow, for a wedding gift. Country folk know the difference.


Some other fun facts from the NYT piece:

“Not all the Bumgarners are cousins, but most are,” Kevin said. “It’s not like we’re inbred.” He gave a slantwise smile, looking out of the corner of his eye. “It’s not that bad.”


The piece did feature a nice anecdote from Bum’s old high school coach pretty much explaining everything you need to know about the Giants ace:

“See that?” Parham said, pointing beyond the outfield fence. “Madison hit 10 home runs over that pole and those pine trees.”

He broke into a grin as he talked of that team. “Lots of people don’t like to hear this” — he leaned in as if to tell a delicious secret — “but Madison’s team, we had scuffles at practice. Fights! They were very competitive boys.

“And we had the big boy.”

Parham made a throwing motion. “Ssssss” — he made a sound like a 737 taking off — “pop! Ssssss-pop!”

Once, Bumgarner hit 97 m.p.h. in the seventh inning.

“I said, ‘That all you got?’ ” Parham recalled. “He put on his hat and looks at me and says, ‘No, sir.’ ”

Then he hit 98.

“The fire already was burning in that boy,” Parham said. “All you had to do was throw a little coal on.”

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