Jose Canseco Is a Lying Liar Whose Finger Totally Didn’t Fall Off

We here at XN have been obsessed with the supposedly-ongoing Jose Canseco missing finger saga. Now, we’re learning that some of the saga was just a bunch of hooey, which is surprising, given the high level of upstanding citizen the slugger has always shown himself to be…

We know for sure that Canseco blew his finger off while cleaning a gun and that it was later surgically reattached.

Last week Canseco tweeted that his reattached finger had fallen off during a poker game and later tweeted that he would be auctioning his finger off on eBay.

Turns out, the finger never fell off and that’s not a digit you just bid on on eBay.

TMZ reports:

We contacted Canseco about video he says he shot of the finger fail — and when push came to shove … he had to cop to the prank. Jose says he cooked up the plan when he came across the fake finger in a Halloween store.


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