Video: Riverhead Snowflake Regatta Quickly Deteriorates Into Dysfunctional Mess

The Snowflake Regatta in Riverhead, NY has become a viral YouTube sensation featuring a beautiful combination of incompetence, angry parents, girls thrown overboard, kids getting hit with oars, and the valuable lesson that rowing isn’t for everybody.

First, a boat rows up to the pier where the parents are cheering (annoyingly yelling) and someone appears to go overboard.

Then a boat looks like it gets stuck on land.

Another boat, clearly facing the wrong direction, prevents a group of rowers from passing, and the two boats collide. Cue angry mothers yelling, “You ruined it for them.”

The two boats just hang out in the middle of the course and after they finally break free of each other a good minute later, a third boat comes careening towards them. It doesn’t take long before two boats are tangled again and one of the kids takes an oar to the head for good measure.

After more attempting to maneuver despite clearly lacking the knowledge as to how, two boats crash again, prompting a beleaguered dad to yell, “Oh no, again!”

Time to consider land-based extra-curricular activities.

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