2-QB Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Week 11

Andrew Luck

Tracking the number of quarterbacks that have started this year in the NFL has been an exercise in showing how vital it is in 2-QB leagues to be up-to-date on every team’s quarterback depth chart.

But knowing Mark Sanchez is the #2 quarterback behind Nick Foles is only going to help you win if you know what to do with that information. The further we get into the NFL and fantasy football season, the harder the decisions are going to be.

In standard leagues, running back handcuffs tend to become more important waiver wire pickups because a Jamaal Charles owner will have more use for Knile Davis than for a WR5. In 2-QB leagues the same thing applies, only to the quarterback position.

If you didn’t handcuff Foles with Sanchez before Foles’ season-ending surgery you found yourself in a waiver wire bidding war with the rest of your league. However, if you stashed Sanchez, just in case, as a handcuff to Foles, not only were you prepared for Foles’ loss, but you probably also saved yourself a ton of FAAB money.

Keep that in mind when Ryan Mallet becomes the 48th different quarterback to start at least one game this week.

Week 11 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings for 2-QB Fantasy Football Leagues:

  1. Aaron Rodgers vs. PHI
  2. Andrew Luck vs. NE
  3. Peyton Manning @ STL
  4. Tom Brady @ IND
  5. Robert Griffin III vs. TB
  6. Drew Brees vs. CIN
  7. Philip Rivers vs. OAK
  8. Mark Sanchez @ GB
  9. Ben Roethlisberger @ TEN
  10. Matt Ryan @ CAR
  11. Cam Newton vs. ATL
  12. Russell Wilson @ KC
  13. Matthew Stafford @ ARI
  14. Colin Kaepernick @ NYG
  15. Jay Cutler vs. MIN
  16. Josh McCown @ WAS
  17. Teddy Bridgewater @ CHI
  18. Eli Manning vs. SF
  19. Ryan Tannehill vs. BUF
  20. Derek Carr @ SD
  21. Andy Dalton @ NO
  22. Kyle Orton @ MIA
  23. Alex Smith vs. SEA
  24. Brian Hoyer vs. HOU
  25. Zach Mettenberger vs. PIT
  26. Drew Stanton vs. DET
  27. Shaun Hill vs. DEN
  28. Ryan Mallett @ CLE
  29. Johnny Manziel vs. HOU
  30. Mike Glennon @ WAS
  31. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ CLE
  32. Derek Anderson vs. ATL
  33. Austin Davis vs. DEN

Week 11 Quarterbacks on the Rise:

Mark Sanchez

The Sanchize outperformed anyone’s expectations last week, finishing with 21.18 standard fantasy points and ending the week as the QB4 in fantasy. Out of eight starts this year, Nick Foles reached the 20+ fantasy marker twice.

Sanchez’s rest of season schedule sets up nicely for him to play as a fantasy QB1, and if you scooped him off your waivers last week your 2-QB team is thanking you right now.

Shaun Hill

“Shaun Hill is our starting quarterback when healthy.” That was the company line Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was spewing earlier in the season when Austin Davis replaced Hill. Then Davis went on to play at a level that was above replacement and he kept the starting quarterback job, even though Hill was healthy.

That all changed this week when Fisher announced Hill would start in Week 11 vs. Denver. Davis being picked off, then picked off again for a touchdown, and then losing a fumble that was also retuned for a touchdown in his final three possessions against Arizona last week may have factored into Fisher’s decision. Either way, Hill is now the starter in St. Louis. Again.

Week 11 Quarterbacks on the Slide:

Austin Davis

See Shaun Hill blurb above. What an ugly way to lose your starting job. Davis had his ups and downs this year, especially his last three starts, where he combined to throw for 481 yards, three touchdowns, and five interceptions. In his last three starts, Davis scored a combined 20.24 fantasy points. Unless Hill succumbs to another injury, we may have seen the last of Davis this year.

Jay Cutler

Smoking’ Jay had his second-worst game of the season in Week 10 vs. Green Bay. Cutler had his worst completion percentage of the season (59.5 percent), and threw more interceptions (2) than touchdowns (1). It probably stung even worse for Cutler, as he had to watch Aaron Rodgers throw for six touchdowns in the first half against his team.

The Bears, who have been in the media a lot the past couple of weeks, mainly for a less-than-functional locker room dynamic, have been outscored 106-37 their past two games, and are on a three-game losing streak. Cutler gets a lot of the blame, but that defense has been horrific. Back-to-back games vs. Minnesota and Tampa Bay might hopefully heal all wounds in Chicago.

*Stats used in this article from ESPN and FantasyData

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