Aaron Rodgers Stood in Line, Bought Male Stripper Thongs for His Teammates

Aaron Rodgers Jordy Nelson

Packers wideout Jordy Nelson spoke with radio host Dan Patrick following Sunday’s thrashing of the Bears but the conversation quickly turned to something far more interesting.

Nelson told Patrick that Aaron Rodgers often buys his teammates gag gifts, though he said most were too inappropriate to talk about on the air.

“Last year [for Christmas] — I don’t know if I can explain it — it was an undergarment for men who might wear it if they were a stripper,” Nelson said.

“So it was a thong — a kind of Magic-Mike-type outfit?” Patrick asked.

“Kind of — yes,” Nelson said. “And my question to him was, ‘Did you actually stand in line to buy that, or did you buy it online?’ And he told me he stood in line, which I still don’t know if I can believe.”

And now you know what B.J. Raji wears under his uniform.

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Igor Derysh
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