Video: Gordon Hayward Puts Lebron To Shame

Gordon Heyward

If you haven’t watched the ending of the Jazz game against the Cleveland Cavs, first watch:


Not only is this Play of the Week worthy, Gordon Hayward predicted this embarrassment that he handed to Lebron and his teammates.

Don’t click on that blog — he says he’d beat Mr. James at a video game. Regardless, few weeks later he had his chance and he took it.  “I knew I had him right from the get-go,” Hayward told the Salt Lake Tribune.

After the game, he celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory and let the compliments roll in.

“It’s definitely an experience I’ll use in the future, one you can build confidence off of,” he said. “You’ve done it before. Why can’t you do it again?”

No doubt.

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