Fantasy Football Week 10 Worksheet: The Mike Glennon Edition

Falcons @ Buccaneers
0 Spread 0
22.8 Team O/U 22.8
63.0 Plays/Gm 58.2
67.0 Opp. Plays/Gm 68.2
35.3% Rush % 37.1%
64.7% Pass % 62.9%
47.9% Opp. Rush % 43.8%
52.1% Opp Pass % 56.2%


  • Mike Glennon has started five games this year.
  • Glennon has thrown two passing touchdowns in four of his five starts.
  • Josh McCown has started three games this year.
  • McCown has thrown a total of two touchdowns in his three starts.
  • McCown was 5-of-12 for 58 yards and 1 INT before leaving with an injury vs. Atlanta in Week 3.
  • Glennon was 17-of-24 for 121 yards and 1 touchdown in relief of McCown in Week 3 vs. Atlanta.
  • Josh McCown has two rushing touchdowns on five attempts this year.
  • Mike Glennon has zero rushing touchdowns on 10 attempts.
  • Lovie Smith’s real name is Hatie Smith.
  • According to Rich Hribar, Mike Glennon was fantasy QB15 or higher in four of five starts.

Trust: Mike Glennon, Not Lovie Smith

Bust: Josh McCown

Reasonable Return: Mike Glennon

Context Key:

Trust = Set him in your lineups this week

Bust = Player to underperform season average

Reasonable Return = On par with seasonal average

*Statistics provided by ProFootballFocus, Pro-Football-Reference, All Vegas Lines Provided by 5Dimes

**This article is both an homage to my weird devotion to Mike Glennon and a sign of respect to one of the hardest working fantasy writers in this industry, Mr. Rich Hribar. (Yes, he gave me permission to borrow his Worksheet style).

18 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Week 10 Worksheet: The Mike Glennon Edition”

  1. scott_pianowski

    LordReebs 2QBFFB Love it, love it, love it. (One small thing: Glennon only threw one TD against Minnesota.)

  2. scott_pianowski LordReebs Right. That should say 4 of 5 starts he’s thrown 2 TDs. Thanks for pointing it out & reading. Appreciate it!

  3. scott_pianowski

    2QBFFB LordReebs I think I want Glennon to be good more than anyone in Tampa does. I loved your concept.

  4. scott_pianowski LordReebs Thanks. It was fun. H/T to Rich for letting me borrow the Worksheet style.

  5. scott_pianowski LordReebs I’m right there with you rooting for Glennon. I basically wrote a Glennon starting countdown series last year.

  6. 2QBFFB scott_pianowski we had a running Glennon segment on the Sunday morning hangout nearly the entire back half of 2013.

  7. 2QBFFB scott_pianowski Glennon has more 2 TD passing games since the start of last year than Flacco, Kap, Cam and others.

  8. LordReebs scott_pianowski But, you know, whenever you’re 1-7 and can start Josh McCown you kinda have to, right? Oh, wait. No, you don’t.

  9. scott_pianowski

    LordReebs 2QBFFB One hangup with Glennon is that he *never* goes past those two TDs. But at least he has theoretical upside; JM does not.

  10. scott_pianowski

    LordReebs 2QBFFB And geesh, anyone who can keep his head above water while playing for Schiano and Lovie is my hero.

  11. scott_pianowski LordReebs Definitely easy with that neck of his, but yeah, quite the circus there past couple of seasons.

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