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History Gives Royals Advantage In Game 7

The Kansas City Royals and their fans took in the glorious win over the Giants Tuesday night to tie the series at three games apiece.

Before Game 7 rolls around in Kansas City, fans and experts take a interesting look at the history:

  1. Tim Hudson, 39, starts for San Francisco and will become the oldest Game 7 starter in series history.
  2. Within the Series thus far, CBS Baseball Insider Jon Heyman points to statistics that show the two teams are almost evenly matched: the Giants lead in runs and hits while the Royals lead in total bases and home runs.
  3. The Giants are pros at winning; 27 total players and managers have won a World Series while no one on the Royals roster has ever won a championship.
  4. Home teams have won nine straight game 7s in the Series, favoring the Royals.
  5. Teams with home-field advantage have won 23 of the last 28 titles.