Michigan AD David Brandon to Alum: “Find a new team to support.”

David Brandon Emails

Accoding to MGOBlog and Keith Olbermann, Domino’s Pizza ex-CEO and (for a few more months) Athletic Director David Brandon of the University of Michigan told an alumni to “find a new team to support.”

Brandon, it would be more plausible (maybe) if it were a Walmart Wolverine , but this nicely written commenter actually attended your school.

Head coach Brady Hoke has given up fighting criticism for refusing to wear a headset, sending a quarterback back into a game with a concussion and his player driving a spike into their rival Spartans’ field.

The gimmicks these two have mustered up have driven their entire fan base and community to back up the soon-to-be decision that they need to go. The only ones getting a chuckle are the Michigan State Spartans, who are currently living the reality David Brandon and Brady Hoke always wanted. Yet, even they are feeling embarrassed for their beloved mitten state.

This explains why Domino’s pizza always tasted a little bit salty.


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