Daily Fantasy Hockey: DraftKings Values – October 22

Ryan Getzlaf

Tonight is a short slate with four games, meaning there’s little variation between a lot of lineups.

The big favourites tonight are Anaheim (-330) and Pittsburgh (-225). Considering how the Flyers played the Penguins last year, I would look to Anaheim or Ottawa for goaltending. I just don’t trust Marc-Andre Fleury. Every game is a total of 5.5 goals except for Philadelphia-Pittsburgh, which is at 6.

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**One warning for tonight: There was a shooting in Ottawa on Parliament Hill earlier today. A lot of downtown, at time of writing, is in lockdown. Keep an eye on Twitter or other news resources to make sure this game actually takes place tonight.

Players will be in order of perceived value, by position, and there should be enough to mix-and-match for each type of game available on DraftKings. Some positions might only have a few plays, some might have several. It all depends on the day, the matchups, and the price.

Remember: players are in order of value, not necessarily in cost. Just because Sidney Crosby is $8000 one day doesn’t mean he’s a better value than Andrew Shaw at $4000.

Cash Games

Center Wing Defense Goalie
Getzlaf (ANA) – $7800 Perry (ANA) – $7200 Vatanen (ANA) – $4900 Andersen (ANA) – $9200
Turris (OTT) – $5000 Brouwer (WSH) – $4700 Letang (PIT) – $5900 Anderson (OTT) – $8900
Crosby (PIT) – $9500 Stone (OTT) – $3200 Martin (PIT) – $3400
Zibanejad (OTT) – $3000 Smith-Pelly (ANA) – $3900 Karlsson (OTT) – $7500
Backstrom (WSH) – $6900 MacArthur (OTT) – $6200 Lindholm (ANA) – $3400
Hornqvist (PIT) – $8800
Raffl (PHI) – $3000


  • I have Getzlaf/Perry at the top of the list just because their price relative to the Pittsburgh top duo is much better. There’s not much difference in expected goals between the two, so in general, I’ll take the cheaper options.
  • There are a lot of very good, very cheap options from both Ottawa and Anaheim tonight.
  • Fitting an expensive defenseman in tonight isn’t a bad idea. There are enough saving elsewhere that it makes it viable, and a good strategy to differentiate.

Guaranteed Prize Pools/Tournaments

Center Wing Defense Goalie
Turris (OTT) – $5000 MacArthur (OTT) – $5200 Martin (PIT) – $3400 Enroth (BUF) – $6600
Getzlaf (ANA) – $7800 Stone (OTT) – $3200 Vatanen (ANA) – $4900 Scrivens (EDM) – $6200
Crosby (PIT) – $9500 Perry (ANA) – $7200 Maatta (PIT) – $4000
Johansson (WSH) – $3700 Smith-Pelly (ANA) – $3900 Lindholm (ANA) – $3400
Hornqvist (PIT) – $8800
Brouwer (WSH) – $4700


  • Obviously, when picking a goalie, don’t also pick skaters playing against them. So if taking Enroth, don’t take Perry/Getzlaf. If taking Scrivens, avoid Washington players.
  • In a (very) small sample last year, Kyle Turris was very good against Kessel/van Riemsdyk. Combined with the price, the top line for Ottawa makes a nice target tonight.
  • I would avoid the expensive defensemen in a GPP tonight, if only because it limits the stacking options among the forwards.

Slim’s Pickins (bargain plays)

William Karlsson (C-ANA, $3000) – Karlsson has been given top line power play minutes recently, and should fare well at even strength against the depth of Buffalo.

Daniel Winnik (W-TOR, $2700) – The second line for Toronto has been very consistent for most of the season. A big part of that consistency has been Winnik digging pucks out for Kadri/Lupul.

Patrick Wiercioch (D-OTT, $2900) – The Ottawa defenseman is getting second unit power play minutes for the Senators.

**UPDATE: Enroth is not starting for Buffalo, it’s Michal Neuvirth.

Good luck!

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