Patriots Have A Surprise Wide Receiver Ready For Thursday’s Game Vs. The Jets

Rex Ryan said he’s going to be sick when he sees his former cornerback, Darrelle Revis, wearing a Patriots jersey Thursday night in Foxborough.

He should expect to be even sicker when he sees how Bill Belichick plans to incorporate Revis in the game plan.

According to the Boston Herald, the injury to Stevan Ridley could open the door for Revis to get some offensive snaps, perhaps lining up as a receiver while the Patriots are on offense in an effort to score a touchdown against his former club.

Per the Herald, Revis is “itching to catch a touchdown” from Tom Brady, especially against Gang Green, a conversation that dates back to before Revis even signed with the team in the offseason.

First off, we heard a while back Revis was itching to catch a touchdown pass from Brady against the Jets, who spurned him after he became a free agent earlier in the year. Supposedly, the scenario was discussed with the Patriots brain trust before he signed in March.

Revis wouldn’t admit to this desire, but he didn’t deny it, either. Let’s just say based on our chat, the former Jet wouldn’t mind having the above scenario play out when the Pats hook up with Rex Ryan and the 1-5 New York Jets.

Using a defensive player down in the red zone is nothing out of the realm of possibility for the Patriots. Linebacker Mike Vrabel doubled as a tight end for those Super Bowl-winning Patriots teams in the 2000s.

Revis, who lined up as a wide receiver in high school and could play on both sides of the ball during his time at Pittsburgh, provides some flexibility in his usage.

For now, Revis is playing coy with the media, conceding he’s willing to help out in any way possible, regardless of position.

“I mean, I’m very confident in catching balls. I know that. We’ve got some great receivers on this team. Usually when something happens like that, it’s the depth chart, maybe injuries. Knock on wood, I hope we don’t get to that point,” Revis told the Herald. “But if there was an opportunity, if Bill [Belichick] came to me and said we need help, I’m willing to do whatever coach says. And that’s any position.

“That’s just what it is. We get asked to do some crazy things sometimes. Whatever coach needs me to play, I’ll be up for the challenge.”

When word from Boston got down to New York, you can bet Ryan was not as coy as his former player. But he isn’t being a lavish about it either.

Asked by the New York media about his defense having to brace for seeing Revis by the goal-line on Thursday night, Ryan simply said, “We’ll see.”

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