3 Ways To Step Out Fantasy Hockey Style

It is not a secret that I do play a little daily fantasy hockey from time to time. One of my goals last year that never happened was to dabble a bit more into the industry. This year, that will change. Yes, I will step out of many comfort zones I have this year from a fantasy perspective.

People want to know why? Honestly, the time seems perfect. With a new fantasy hockey show, plus more connections, and higher levels of competition, the time is now. I will likely dabble again at first, do lots of research and homework, then take the plunge later in the season. That will be the fun yet challenging part.

Why Am I Doing This?

There are always reasons when “fantasy hockey experts” do this sort of thing. Isn’t the best part of life to not be stuck doing just one thing? Exactly! The last week taught me a very important lesson. For those that do not know, I was very sick and nearly hospitalized with kidney stones and excruciating back spasms. The pulled muscle was nothing compared to the unbridled and relentless pain.

It got me thinking. What if I don’t get to do the things I want to do? Exactly! A call to arms to get it going and here are my three reasons to do so.

1. Time to play in some new frontiers.

I am always looking for new avenues when it comes to fantasy sports and fantasy hockey. There are so many formats that I have had the privilege to play in and now DFS seems like the right time to get involved. The goal is to do about a half season’s worth of research, applying of technique, and then come February…go go go! After all, those Fantasy CHL, defense, and salary cap leagues just were not enough.

2. Research to track injuries as far as daily impact

This was yet another reason. Tracking injuries during the season for fantasy is pretty easy, honestly. Now trying to apply that to daily fantasy is going to be much more of a task. There is likely to still be an elevated number of injuries this year even with a more spread out schedule. The game is still bigger and faster and all played in the same sized rink. So expect more of the same and come to grips with it now. Daily impacts should actually be even higher as more people dip their feet into the daily waters.

3. The Apple Jacks Defense

Do I really need a reason? No, of course not! I just do! It’s time to test my mettle more in the daily realm and it is time to let it ride. This is the season to try and why not. It will be lesson for everyone and every so often I will be recapping some of my exploits here on XNSports. After all, it would not be any fun if I did not do so. This season should not be a dull one. I can’t wait!

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Chris Wassel
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