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Welcome To The Fantasy Hockey Terrordome!

Fantasy Hockey X is back and XN Sports’ panel of experts will have your fantasy hockey needs covered every Wednesday.

Sidney Crosby

Hey, we’re back!  Fantasy Hockey X will be making a comeback in the next week or two. So Tuesday nights are going to be something else as some of the best fantasy hockey minds are going to debate just about every topic out there. It is time to put up or shut up and let us settle those questions you may have.

XNSports has been and will continue to be a great help to the show as every Wednesday, the plan is to try and recap the show with at least three to five talking points. More details will be coming soon, via Twitter but let’s look at some of our “experts”.

Three Fantasy Hockey Experts Plus

1. Michael Clifford

Everyone knows Mr. Clifford! His articles here at XNSports and his guide at ProjectRoto is what you really need to win leagues. That is the bottom line!  Cliffy’s numbers speak for themselves. If there is an edge to be gained, he can find it. Professionally, there are a few experts that I can truly look at what they do and just go whoa. Michael Clifford is one of them. His fantasy hockey portfolio speaks for itself.

2. Christopher Pacheco

There is a reason why Christopher is called “The Numbers Guy”. His daily fantasy sports expertise borders on incredible. He is a daily fantasy writer for Rotoexperts and will be on board with us handling not only the daily aspects but strategy in season long leagues as well. Christopher just finds ways to uncover those little nuances that are the difference between winning $0 and seeing some hard earned green currency in your hands.

3. Neil Parker

Neil will be on with us occasionally and yes you can find him on XNSports also. His power play point potential alone is a fantasy hockey godsend. If you give Mr. Parker just a little bit of information and some time to prepare it, he can cook up a strategy that literally will amaze you. This is why we do not mess around in the least.

Finally….yours truly

I have a particular set of skills. I take on any and all questions. I don’t back away from anything. That is how it is. If there is a league, I have probably won it. The fun part is fantasy hockey is always evolving. Anyone that tells you that it does not will get left in the dust. So as the season draws closer, there is one other wrinkle that I offer and that is injury wisdom. You could say I am like a ninja there.


Together we are one pretty intense group of experts. So come listen to us Tuesday nights starting next week. We will even have some gusts on from time to time. Let’s get this party started!


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