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Epic Fail: The Worst Football Entrances

Some football entrances look cool but sometimes a team loses before the game even starts. These are those moments.

Football Entrance

Football entrances can either pump up the home team, or it can make the home team look foolish. There needs to be rules set before teams and fans attempt these entrances. Here are some don’ts when making football entrances, enjoy!

I wouldn’t recommend setting your fans up to get trampled before the big game. I wonder how many people needed medical attention after this failed entrance?

Courtesy of Justin

Do not have your player smash down a cinder block wall, you want your players fresh for the game.

Courtesy of CollegeFootball

Stay away from fog machines, the players can’t see where they’re running.

Courtesy of Fox Sports

Another thing, do not put the banner in front of the bench, smh.

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