Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Week 2

2014 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

26 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Week 2”

  1. CDCarter13 seems clear cut then. Just don’t wanna miss the inevitable hunter breakout blow up game.

  2. CDCarter13 Gordon droppable in 0.5 PPR? I’m rostering DemT, Jordy, Decker, MikeFloyd, Benjamin, Hopkins, Hunter? Looking at Asiata,Latavius

  3. CDCarter13 Svoboda_ChrisT Wayne seems really low? And not pushing all in on hunter this week, am considering instead of Allen.

  4. .DVic89 With Hunter, I just have a problem ranking a guy high when his production will be reliant on big plays only.

  5. CDCarter13 that’s probably fair, but a big play isn’t unlikely. also, if that’s the only reason he’s ranked 36, why is wright only 34?

  6. Detuno22 I shouldn’t say “only,” but projections just don’t justify me putting him inside the top-20, for instance.

  7. mariofootball1

    CDCarter13 I know you have him above Colston and R Wayne, do you feel all of their floor is equal in 0.5 ppr, but Benj has higher ceiling?

  8. Lagwagon_Rules

    Scott2345 CDCarter13 DVic89 I would imagine Patterson and Benjamin would be the safest bet for Standard. You can start Cruz in the CFL

  9. CDCarter13 Svoboda_ChrisT would u play him before Marshall, not knowing if he’ll play or will be effective

  10. CDCarter13 Agreed but 52 (roughly 2/3) of snaps. Titans go 3WR all day. Either they want him to catch balls or they’ll smother w/ big plays

  11. wallyballer76

    CDCarter13 and you still like Palmer over him, given this nerve thing? Wishing I had gotten Locker…

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