A Fantasy Hockey Mock Dream: The Gathering!

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If you haven’t checked out some of what Michael Clifford writes on the site, then you need to immediately. The fun in mock drafts this time of year is you find out thought processes and more. Everyone has a different strategy.

Now imagine a mock draft full of experts and some of the best and brightest in the business to boot. Then you have the ProjectRoto Mock Draft which takes place on Wednesday evening. This is not simply a normal mock as it is a 6×3 rotisserie draft. So what does this all mean?

A Different Fantasy Hockey Roto Mock?

Yes it is! The 6×3 is a little off compared to most standard ten category rotisserie leagues but I believe that was done somewhat purposefully by Mr. Clifford. Here are the categories as follows:

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • +/-
  • PIMS
  • PPP
  • SOG
  • Wins
  • GAA 
  • Save Percentage

Oh my! It was interesting that +/- was kept in. Ironically it is the first category yanked in most fantasy hockey leagues these days but I get it. It’s a mock after all. Most experts don’t fixate too much on +/- anyway. It is also noteworthy that ATOI (Average Time On Ice) did not make the cut either. This is simply a case where play it where it lies is applied. That is what makes these types of leagues the most fun. When you assemble the best and brightest, a lot of things are analyzed heavily.

So, there is a bit of an emphasis on offense as far as the spread. For me at least, I cannot rely on my defensive crutches as much. To be honest, I like at least four goaltending categories as goaltending wins championships most of the time. Yet over the last couple years in keeper leagues, I have been able to find ways to MacGyver a team with just enough offense to squeak wins and find consistent points.

Let’s Break this down in three ways.

1. The max points is 108 which means…

Likely the leader is going to be somewhere in the mid 80’s to low 90’s as far as points. The more competitive the league the lower that max number is going to be. I had an all defense league last year just as a quick example. The winner had 75.5 points. So out of 90, that is a 83.9 percent or 84th percentile.  Now if you extrapolate that over a 108-point scenario, you wind up with 90.6 points.The average winner of a rotisserie league is generally in a percentile that is in the 80th to 85th percentile. Sometimes it is higher or lower but around 85 percent is my rule.

2. The 6-3 split is going to be a challenge…

Please see above but I am interested in seeing how other experts handle this one and there lies the fun and fascination with it. Something tells me no one will try to punt a category.

3. The list of people in this mock….damn!  

Let’s see. We have Scott Cullen, Christopher Pacheco, Carlois Figueiredo, Neil Parker, Darren Kennedy, and many others. The link to the league is above. This is some extremely select company. The picks are going to be very fascinating to analyze and then compare to their ADP’s. Expect some very unexpected results.


There should be a recap on September 12 or so. Please stay tuned and expect some debates! Also, some news on Fantasy Hockey X should be coming soon. A move to ProjectRoto could be on the way.

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