Return Of The Fantasy Hockey Mailbag

Adam Henrique
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A sure sign that hockey is approaching is the simple return of the mailbag. At least once a week, I will take questions from social media and try to answer them to the best of my ability. I duck no questions. None!

I see it too many times where fantasy “experts” just toot their own theories and picks until the cows come home. My goal is to try and learn from anywhere and everywhere. We are going to try and break down questions using three categories. So let’s do this mailbag thing with a reintroduction if you will.

Fantasy Hockey Mailbag: The Return

1. The classic depth chart questions. So where will Player X play or could he be sent down, or even traded?

These are the questions that are asked year round, especially in deep dynasty/keeper formats. This leads to all sorts of follow up questions on how a player will perform. If you do not know what line David Krejci will be on then how do you have any idea where to attempt to slot him points wise. People think I am kidding but I did hear someone ask if Patrice Bergeron was going to be on the top line. Technically, Boston has a 1A and 1B but Bergeron is all on the 1B train so people have to relax a bit. Now where say an Adam Henrique plays has a little more intrigue because even New Jersey Devils media is not quite sure on that one just yet. Stay tuned!

2. When is Player X going to come back from injury? Maladies and recovery as we like to say.

It has started already. How will Jonathan Quick come back from wrist surgery or even Alexander Semin? Will Mike Fisher be effective later in the season when he returns? Typically that answer is a bit easier and it is a resounding ‘no.’ Consider that the last three seasons saw so many injuries, you have to know the latest or your fantasy hockey team suffers. Setbacks from recoveries and unexpected leaps forward are also key and vital. It’s a rough fantasy world and we are just trying to make our way through it.

3. Why are the trades and waiver wire are so essential especially as the season goes on?

Like we said, this is the final category. Owners always ask about the waiver wire and if any trades can improve their team. This is another one that happens in season and out of season. However, most fantasy hockey leagues mirror the actual trade deadline and in quite a few leagues, I have even seen podcast specials devoted just to a fantasy league’s final hours of trading. That is not a joke. Contrary to popular thought, this is how far fantasy hockey has really come.  The third question obviously does not apply to DFS but it deserved its own category nonetheless.


Training camp is less than two weeks away. Drafts are taking place already. The time is now to get cracking! And bring on those questions!

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