Slowly But Surely, Derrick Rose Getting Over ‘Trepidation’

Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose
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If admission is truly the first step in one’s road to rehabilitation, no matter how up-and-down Derrick Rose‘s return to form might seem in these early days, the Chicago Bulls star guard is well ahead of the curve in his return to world domination.

Over Team USA’s first three games in the ongoing FIBA World Cup Tournament, the youngest MVP in NBA history is averaging but six points and two assists, but with every step he takes, the hard-luck veteran guard is eclipsing yet another milestone. Such are the wonders of playing in back-to-back games and thus far three in four days when you’ve managed to suit up for just 10 over the last two NBA seasons and 49 since you made league history in the aforementioned fashion.

Rose spoke of the “trepidation” he’s yet overcoming in striving to put back-to-back season-ending knee injuries “behind him.” He knows that simply being able to compete for and earn a spot on Team USA marks a huge first step in his return to prominence.

While it’s candidly apparent Rose has work to do in returning to his 25 points, eight assists, and four rebounds form of 2011, you come to realize the same indomitable spirit that willed him to such brilliance is alive and well when you consider Coach Mike Krzyzewski admits Rose has all but ordered him to “quit asking how I feel.”


Somewhere between navigating the grueling rigors of a stretch of five games in seven days, NBA Nation earnestly hopes that Rose comes to find his sea legs while the Chicago Bulls raised expectations and best-laid-plans heavily rely on it.

“Just trying to get in better shape, get in better condition, so that when I do need to score the ball, then it’ll be there,” said a still clearly confident Rose. “I know the questions are going to come and they’re going to be there the whole year. So I can’t get tired of it. I’m feelin’ good right now.”

That his international experiences have yielded such fruitful dividends can’t help but render positive thoughts for the 25-year-old, veteran Rose. After all, his starring role on the 2010, gold-medal winning FIBA World Cup Team propelled him to his MVP season.

During his Team USA game-high 23 minutes against Finland, Rose reminded all the world what they had been missing, zipping, zooming and zig-zagging his way to 12 points, three assists, and two rebounds.

“I think basically we’re waiting tor Derrick to have kind of a bust-out-game,” said Team USA chairman Jerry Colangelo. “And if that were to happen, I think he’d take off from that point.”

With what he’s demonstrated thus far, Derrick Rose already has one foot in the right stratosphere.

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