No Place Like Home: Portland Timbers Tifo Depicts Dorothy Setting Seattle Ablaze

The Portland Timbers and The Timbers Army displayed a Wizard of OZ themed tifo at Providence Park yesterday.

Tifo is an Italian word meaning a choreographed display by hundreds of fans. The Timbers latest creation is Dorothy holding a gas can with a trail of gasoline leading to the city of Seattle that is now on fire.  The banners read, “There is no place like home…”  with the Seattle skyline set ablaze.

This is not your average MLS rival game.  The Seattle Sounders FC and The Portland Timbers FC rivalry dates back to the 1970s when the two teams played in the NASL . With each team having a rabid fan base, this newest tifo will only strengthen the hatred between the two teams and their fan base.

Below is a clip of the Timbers August 12, 1975 playoff victory.

The Seattle Sounders FC won the match 4-2.

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Doug Holland
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