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Fantasy Baseball: Buys and Sells – Buy Ben Revere

XN Sports recommends targeting Ben Revere, Brandon Phillips and Wil Myers for your fantasy playoff push.

Ben Revere
Ben Revere

Aug 17, 2014; San Francisco, CA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Ben Revere (2) hits a single against the San Francisco Giants during the second inning at AT&T Park. Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

This is the last buys and sells column of the season. Considering the fantasy baseball playoffs start next week in most leagues and the trade deadline is either in the next few days, or has passed already, there is no need to trade players. But for those whose league’s trade deadline is still over the horizon, this is a key week. You may be one player away from making a push this week, or you may be one player away from solidifying your playoff roster. Whatever the case may be, it’s now or never for fantasy baseball trades.

Buying high and selling low are two things you want to avoid, even if you are in dire need. Be sure to check the waiver wire as well.

Each week, XN Sports will have a Buys and Sells column, describing a few players to go after, or to get rid of. We all know to buy low and sell high, but what players should we trade, or who should we go after?

This week’s edition of Buys and Sells:

With just a few days left in the regular season, not many options will be sells because a sell is usually a long term investment for your fantasy team. This week we will take a look at a key buy for the fantasy playoffs.


Brandon Phillips, Second Baseman, Cincinnati Reds

With Phillips coming back from injury, the second base crop became a lot more top-heavy than it already was. So far this season, only four second basemen are hitting over .300, only three have more than 12 home runs, and only four have more than 60 runs batted in. How does Phillips fit into this equation? He was seventh in runs scored among 2nd baseman last year, was fourth in home runs, and was second in runs batted in. Since he has returned, Phillips is just two for 12, but make no mistake, he is one of the best fantasy second basemen in the game. So buy him before the playoffs and expect production from a spot where there is not much to be excited about. After a few games, he should snap back into his normal self, and pace all second basemen in overall fantasy value.

Wil Myers, Outfielder, Tampa Bay Rays

Myers was struggling to say the least before he was injured. But now he is back, and the talent is there. Myers is one of those rare players who can help your team without having to give much up to get him. Myers is hitting .224 this season in 201 at-bats, and he is zero for four so far since his return. But, Myers has raw power and could hit a few home runs before the season is over. Last year, Myers hit 13 home runs in 335 at-bats and was expected to take a huge leap this season as far as power is concerned. Can he turn it around and gain some momentum for 2015? Myers is hitting just as many fly balls this season as he was last year, but not nearly as many have gone out. Taking a few months off may have reset his swing, and we will see before too long whether he is “back” or not. The only difference in Myers’ stats from last year is that his BABIP is almost 100 points lower this season. Unlucky? He could be, so add him for cheap if you need some potential power for the playoffs.

Ben Revere, Outfielder, Philadelphia Phillies

Revere is in the running for the National League batting title. You read that correctly. He is hitting .311 on the season and is just six points behind Justin Morneau for the NL Crown. Now, that is not indicative of his performance, as he is only getting on base at a .328 clip. But, in most fantasy leagues that is irrelevant. Revere is a player with a high batting average who can steal bases and score runs. His name may allow you to trade below value for him, and it would be a good idea considering he leads all outfielders in hits in the last 30 days. In on-base percentage leagues, his value is only in one category, but in standard leagues he is one of the better outfield values in baseball right now.

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