Updated Top 250 Overall 2-QB Fantasy Football Redraft Rankings (August 2014)

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With 2-QB fantasy football drafts in full swing drafters want to be as prepared as possible. That means participating in many mock drafts, studying 2-QB ADP data, and printing off cheat sheet rankings.

We published the latest 2-QB ADP on XN today, and now it’s time to provide you with an updated Top 250 Overall 2-QB Fantasy Football Redraft Rankings. As I mentioned the first time I attempted to put together some overall 2-QB rankings, it’s not really something I’m that into. My preference is to rank players at each position, and compare the ranks to their ADP, which I feel puts me in a good spot on draft day. I then merge my personal rankings and ADP with my draft strategies, and tailor them to whichever specific 2-QB draft I’m in.

I know the importance of rankings and their place in the fantasy football community, so I did want to update my overall 2-QB ranks for the upcoming 2-QB drafts that will be taking place. At the bottom of the article you can find my full set of Top 250 overall rankings for 2-QB leagues.

What you should keep in mind about these rankings: they were built for .5 PPR leagues (because that splits the difference between standard non-PPR and full-point PPR leagues), and you can alter them to suit 10 and 12 team 2-QB leagues. If you’re drafting in a 10-team 2-QB league I would most likely move some of the quarterbacks down in the ranks, as I feel you can wait on the position in 2-QB leagues of that size. If you’re in a 2-QB league that awards 6 points/passing touchdown then you might want to move some of the quarterbacks up in the rankings.

Every 2-QB league is different, so feel free to adjust the rankings to suit your league. Remember, these rankings are mainly here as guide that you can use to complement your player rankings and preferences and that can go hand-in-hand with your 2-QB draft strategy and 2-QB ADP. The rankings are not something you want to base your entire draft on. If you want to download the ranks in excel format you can do so here: August 2-QB Top 250 Overall Rankings. The ranks are broken up into two pages: Top 250 Overall and positional.

Enjoy, discuss, rant, talk trash in the comments…

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