Four For The Road: High Bridge To Ben Bishop?

Ben Bishop
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This is the time of the dog days where you wonder what we have left. Hey, the train is just getting started. Everyone has to understand that fantasy hockey writers are just bred different. It is the time to let it out a little, get even bolder, and rile the world up a lot! The intriguing part is all the debate that will be started in August and September leading up to the regular season.

What might some of those debates be? Let’s just say goaltenders are going to garner a good bit of the attention as far as depth charts. Are you ready? Well strap on in and get ready for a very wild ride.

Four For The Road:

1. Is it safe to ride the “high bridge” to Ben Bishop?

This is one of the biggest questions this summer and Ben Bishop was rewarded with a Sergei Bobrovskylike bridge deal of 2 years, $11.9 million. That AAV of $5.95 million is on par with players like Cory Schneider and Corey Crawford (6 million AAV). While Bishop had great numbers, including a .924 save percentage and 34 wins, there were the injury concerns. Those have been significant enough that the extension lasts through the ELC’s of Tampa’s two goalie prospects. This is not a coincidence. Ben Bishop will have to stay consistent or even raise his level of play while keeping an eye out at who is behind him. For now, the job is his.

2. Ottawa is in for a mess but it could get better….

Robin Lehner recently signed a three-year deal for $6.675 million deal that presumably means he will be the starter, right? Not so fast! Craig Anderson will probably finish out his contract as the two goalies battle for the number one role on a team that looks to be just as porous as last year, if not more. At least Ottawa is almost guaranteed a high draft pick and these picks have to make the team better, right? For their sake, I hope so.

3. Miller, Lack, or Markstrom?

There is a strange three way debate of sorts in Vancouver between Ryan Miller, Eddie Lackand Jacob Markstrom. Miller and Lack are more likely to play in Vancouver while Markstrom will start in the AHL or we presume anyway. This has definite fantasy hockey ramifications but right now, Miller has the inside track for the starting job at least in year one. Good luck guessing after that point, it is Vancouver!

4. Let’s not touch Anaheim just yet but I leave you with one thought….

In keeper leagues, this is the time of year to check your rules and if said league may be apt to changing said rules, etc. Since most may not pay attention to such changes, one may be able to get a leg up on the competition. This is that time of year.


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