Fantasy Hockey Four For The Road (7/31)

PK Subban
Andy Marlin USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to believe that the end of July is here. Before we all know it, some fantasy leagues will start to reconvene in August and early September. Most of us so-called experts will be working feverishly on material and content.

Today is a different day for yours truly. This is one for my father who would have turned 73. Here is the “Four For The Road” with a still heavy heart. Thank you Dad!

Four For The Road:

1. Get ready for August ladies and gentlemen…..WHAT????

August is the perfect time to prep for your fantasy hockey leagues…especially the keepers. People see the sun and the heat then think my team can wait. No it cannot, actually. Take notes, read whatever you can, and of course, check out social media any chance possible. Why? Twitter is a treasure trove of information even in the dog days of summer. Please use it as a resource for links to podcasts, articles, and much much more!

2. Free Agency as hard as it is to believe is still going…..

Yes it is much slower than it was but a few signings are going to happen here and there. At the very least, there are some P.K. Subban rumors going around and Andy Greene signed a five-year extension to stay in New Jersey. There are even some trade rumors floating out there. Some of these are going to have an impact fantasy hockey wise so again keep that in mind.

3. Sharknado…..god help us all!

It seems Sharknado 2 as it was took over timelines throughout Twitter and the hockey writers did not disappoint. Basically just search Sharknado on the social media giant and just sit back then enjoy or cringe, whatever the case may be. Believe me, even some of the fantasy hockey experts got into the act too. Considering there is a Sharknado 3 already in development, the Sharks will live on.

4. To my number one hockey fan….my dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! I wish you were here and truthfully I still miss you so much. Thank you for all the wisdom you gave me through the years and the many life lessons. Most importantly, thank you for getting me into hockey. All the times you took me to hockey practice at the crack of dawn and supporting my writing habit alone was enough but just the fact that you were always in my corner no matter how many silly things or mistakes I made in life. The funniest thing is there were many nights in the early days of fantasy hockey where my father would often check my math. Dad…you will always be missed this day and everyday.

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