Fantasy Hockey Four For The Road (7/29)

Ondrej Pavelecq
Ondrej Pavelecq
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Quick hitting fantasy hockey information is what most of us “experts” pride ourselves on this time of summer. We are formulating rankings, answering questions, and writing all over the place (behind the scenes too). It can be a very chaotic time just for the unexpected debate, things that go wrong, etc.

Now what did we have in mind for today’s column? This will be a short one ladies and gentlemen but do not discount its message. There may be a point that is a little off the fantasy hockey path but it is time to roll with it anyway. Are you ready? Let’s go! After all, what is there to lose?

Fantasy Hockey Four For The Road

1. Ondrej Pavelec is somehow not only still in Winnipeg but he is the starter.

Think about this sobering thought for a second. We are not going to even delve into all the numbers. I only ask this one question. What is Winnipeg management thinking? Any fantasy hockey manager would steer so far clear of Pavelec that he would be in Europe in no time. Consider that a certain Winnipeg GM has not made a player for player trade in three years and that may be all you need to know. Simply just say no to Pavelec…even in the deepest of leagues. Some 1B’s are likely better at this point.

2. Martin Brodeur…retire as a Devil!

The toughest thing to do as a top athlete is to say goodbye. When the goodbye has lasted a few seasons, it feels like a TV show that went way over its stay so to speak. Hopefully the right outcome happens but honestly it is all up to Brodeur himself. None of us could ever force a guy of his stature and yet the telling pleas you hear in the media have been happening all too often. Fantasy hockey owners should hope for an end.

3. San Jose and teams like them will never change…..

It is all talk, talk, talk when San Jose makes people think they have changed. The reality is Patrick Marleau Joe Thornton, and the usual suspects are mostly still there. There is just a culture that is hard to explain. Antti Niemi is still there as well. Maybe more changes are needed…a coach…more players had to go, etc. Yet, here we are. Fantasy wise is the kind of same old same old. The time to go young….ah forget it!

4. Something a little unusual but for a fantasy hockey expert in her own right…..

Simply I wanted to wish my number one Devils fan a happy birthday. Rachel Rose Cena has been a rock and someone who has supported me through all the good and the bad. In her own right, she is a hell of a fantasy hockey player, period! Thank you again my better half!

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