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The Face of Each NFL Franchise

With Arian Foster calling Andre Johnson the face of the Houston Texans, XN Sports looks at who represents each NFL franchise.

Larry Fitzgerald
Larry Fitzgerald

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arian Foster stood up for teammate Andre Johnson, who is in the midst of some turmoil with the Houston Texans who seem unwilling to deal the disgruntled wide receiver.

In defense of Johnson, Foster told that Johnson “is Houston.” That got us wondering who is the face of each NFL franchise.

Here’s our list:

Arizona Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald has undoubtedly been the face of the Cardinals over the past decade. He’s not only one of the NFL’s best wideouts, but a stand-up person.

Check this: Fitz has six 1,000-yard seasons in nine years, and that includes players like Matt Leinart and Ryan Lindley under center. On a more personal side, Fitzgerald’s First Down Fund helps kids and their families partake in activities to support those in crisis in a health-related way. Fitzgerald inherited this foundation from his father.

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