Fantasy Hockey Trio: Updates On Injuries

Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby
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Quick Fantasy Hockey Injury Updates

First up….is Sidney Crosby.

Injuries impact fantasy hockey even during the offseason or they validate some hypothesis “experts” may have had about certain players. Every so often, there are surprises like this from Dave Molinari.

Sidney Crosby is scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery on his right wrist within the next few days to repair damage that a source said impeded his performance in the postseason.

Despite saying during and after the Stanley Cup playoffs that he was at full health, the Penguins center “did play with a terrible wrist,” the source said Tuesday night.

Crosby could not be reached for comment.

An individual close to Crosby, who requested anonymity, said the surgical procedure “is not major, but you can’t play the same way” with the kind of injury Crosby had.

Again, this is a classic “clean out” surgery for Sidney Crosby. The right wrist is expected to be just fine for the regular season. Therefore, recovery will not be more than 12 weeks so let’s work backward. It was obvious that conventional resting and therapy did not work. Basically, Crosby will easily be fine before Labor Day unless something in the recovery goes wrong. Do not expect any fantasy hockey impact at this time and draft Crosby first as you normally would. Do not let this influence you in the least.

This is not like what Jonathan Quick had for an injury so let’s be clear. Just understand that again this is being taken care of now so it does not get worse later. Do not panic!


Speaking of Jonathan Quick……..

Jonathan Quick is a few weeks into his own wrist surgery recovery which was expected to take around 8-12 weeks or so. Everything by all accounts seems to be progressing just fine and I know fantasy hockey owners get a little apprehensive with injuries that the goalie suffers but so far this one is on track as far as the timetable is concerned. If anything should break one way or the other, there will be further updates.

In so many words, do not expect this to impact Quick come the regular season in October. Actually, this may boost Quick’s value a bit as Jonathan Quick will be 100 percent for the first time in a good while it seems.


Oh, but then there is Mike Fisher.

File this under U for unfortunate but Mike Fisher will miss at least the next 4-6 months with a torn Achilles’. The Nashville forward suffered the injury while training and at least this did not happen while working out on a mountain like Travis Zajac but you never like to hear injuries occur during an offseason conditioning program of sorts. This will have significant fantasy hockey impact as Zajac really was not right for a year and Fisher could face the same long road. Owners of Fisher need to be aware of this and plan accordingly. If your league has a LTIR option, use it. If you are in a dynasty league, one may be stuck with him for the season.  Sadly, you really should not expect too much from Mike Fisher in the 2014-15 campaign but more the following season.

Again, there will be further updates as conditions warrant.

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