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5 NFL Teams Poised To Improve In 2014

Sam Spiegelman looks at the five NFL teams most likely to improve in 2014 after “down” years in 2013.

Robert Griffin
Robert Griffin

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Every NFL season contains its share of surprising teams and disappointing teams. Who will fall into those categories in 2014?

Aside from the Denver Broncos, which team in the AFC is truly a lock to win its division or lock up a playoff spot? Conversely, the NFC is chock-full of contenders, and with so much talent throughout the conference some teams are primed to be left on the outside looking in come January.

Here’s a look at five teams that are poised to take a step forward this season, whether it’s a stronger record or reaching the playoffs:

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  • budg32

    Sam you left out Browns who added to their top 10 defense and will win with Hoyer at QB. They won three in a row with Hoyer in last year. When he went down, Weeden went in and Weeden is horrble, thus they lost. NO MORE, CLE = 9 & 7 at least.

  • AntonJacik

    They list the Ravens at 8-8 but leave out the Steelers at 8-8, they should improve, the Vikings should improve from 5-10-1 for sure…  They listed the Bucs, they should do better too.

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