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Top 250 Overall 2-QB Fantasy Football Redraft Rankings

Salvatore Stefanile

Salvatore Stefanile is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and believes that 2-QB fantasy football leagues will be the future of fantasy football. You can read about his 2-QB fantasy football opinions and analysis at XNSports.com.

Fantasy football rankings in general are just not my thing. I prefer to make a list of players I like at each position, make note of their ADP as close to my draft date as possible, and use that as a loose guide. I much prefer delving into draft strategy when it comes to any type of fantasy football league.

However, I do know how important rankings are, and have had a few people ask me if I had an overall rankings list for 2-QB fantasy football leagues. There was no plan to release such a rankings list, and I didn’t do one last year. But with some asking for one, I took a stab at creating a Top 250 Overall rankings list for redraft 2-QB fantasy football leagues.

What you should know about these Top 250 2-QB rankings: they were created with .5PPR leagues in mind (helps split the difference between non and full-point PPR leagues), and they can be applied to both 10 and 12-team 2-QB leagues. Although, in a 10-team 2-QB league I would probably bump quarterbacks down a bit more than they already are ranked. However, if you’re in a 6-points/passing touchdown league (any size) feel free to bump up the quarterbacks.

If you use these rankings as a guide during your draft, rather than a bible, they can complement your draft strategy and personal rankings/player preferences, as well as be used in tandem with 2-QB ADP data.

Enjoy, discuss, rant, talk trash in the comments…

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