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Donald Sterling, Still Bringing The Pain To NBA

Forget about healing, Donald Sterling is proving to be the black-eye that just won’t go away for the NBA.


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Forget about healing, Donald Sterling is proving to be the black-eye that just won’t go away for the NBA.

After verbally signing off on the deal engineered by wife Shelly Sterling to sell the L.A. Clippers to tech guru Steve Ballmer for a cool $2 billion, Sterling has now not only reneged on the pledge but set course on a witch-hunt that seemingly targets everyone to have ever held a stake in the NBA not named Donald Sterling.

To wit, the league’s once longest tenured owner has hired a team of four private investigating firms and provided them with a six-figure budget to “dig up dirt” on the league’s current and former commissioners, not to mention all 29 other league owners.

Who knows what the demented Sterling plans to do with the “dirt” he uncovers, but it’s not at all surprising that he automatically assumes it exists and that everyone else has operated just as he has. In Sterling’s view, all the players who have suited up for his Clippers over the last three decades were not men, but chattel and as such rightfully deserving of all the boorish and inhumane treatment he regularly inflicted on them.

Sterling would have you believe it’s the same — or at least it should be — with every NBA player, no matter what team name they’re wearing emblazoned across their chest.

An element of the smoking-gun Sterling’s sleuths are said to be particularly focusing on is the question of if any other owners have made any “off-color jokes or racist or sexist remarks” over the years, you know something on par with what he uttered to start this whole firestorm in admonishing a girlfriend “not to bring black people to my games,” not even NBA Hall of Famer and L.A. legend Magic Johnson.

“His objective is to demonstrate for everybody that the NBA is a damned hypocrite,” Bobby Samini, one of Sterling’s lead attorneys told ESPN. “We’re going to pull every case against the NBA. Then we’ll demonstrate that the culture of racism and gender discrimination is born at the NBA, where Adam Silver has worked in a high-level position for a long time.”

Forget about making amends, saving his soul or even apologizing, Donald Sterling thinks its repentance enough just to show the world that there are others of it who might be just as twisted as he is.

“He realized these guys will literally go to any low to get this sold,” a source close to Sterling told ESPN. “Even if it gets him nothing other than exposing all these guys and shaking up the league and seeing a change in the leadership of the league, it’ll be worth it to him.”

Classic Donald Sterling. It’s always about the destruction.

  • ChrisKulbeda

    So if he finds that someone else made an ass of themselves then it makes it okay for him to do so now.

  • GRY56

    ChrisKulbeda  He is not going to find anything worth a damn. It is a desperate move that is not going anywhere. Why? He is not going to have it on tape or video. So it will be a he said or she said thing. That is not going to cut it. Secondly, and more importantly, no one cares. No one gives a damn about Justin Bieber’s racist acts. It is not as simple as saying other people did racist things. IT IS HIM THAT IS THE PROBLEM. He crossed an unforgiveable line that was very special and personal. I am over fifty years old. I have never heard something some deep and vile as he said in that recording about race. Bill Clinton said some racist things in the first Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Who remember them now or care? No one. Donald Sterling is a special case. He is a crumb period. He did it to the wrong people in the wrong situation with power to make him pay for it. He is very hateable. He is very unforgiveable. And he will have to wear that pariah jacket for the rest of his lousy life.


    Who really cares about any of this! There are bigger issues in the USA and the world.

  • GRY56

    DEKBSN I care about it to the point where I want Sterling banned, his team taken, and then business as usual. If you don’t care about this, why are you reading this? Go on to the so-called bigger issues. You are crying because we black folks are  taking that old white man’s team from him.

  • IgorDerysh

    AysKofi Sterling*

  • jerri123

    I would not call Sterling demented I believe he is right to do what he is doing everyting was done illegal to him to hell what other people thing Stand your ground

  • jerri123

    GRY56 ChrisKulbeda you might just be cery surprised what he finds

  • JenniferSinclair

    Thank you Donald. You are a true inspiration. Let’s bring back the white man to basketball. Take the NBA down. They are the true racists. Now they are the true hypocrites. Thank you Donald for what you have done for the hated ‘whitey’

  • BweatherUR

    GRY56 DEKBSN Kinder words never spoken tells a ton on what you just said. You voted for revenge instead of love of country. Sterling will come on top of all of this and be well rewarded. We are fully aware of the intentions and and hypocracy of extortionists.

  • GRY56

    He ain’t right. He is out of the NBA forever. He can not be in the NBA again. Whether he has a team or not is a moot point. Just take his money and go. He is looked upon as a pariah by the league. I am sure you would agree with me if he was a black man.

  • GRY56

    jerri123 GRY56 ChrisKulbeda  No I won’t. It won’t come out. I have confidence in white people. They will protect each other against a black backlash. Sterling got himself in this situation. They are not going to throw all white folks overboard because of his foolishness of getting himself in this situation. They feel he should be a good race brother. And take his punishment and go. He is messing with the Establishment. Even the ADL went against him.  He does not have a leg to stand on. Just take the money and go away. He is old as dirt anyway. Do not rock the boat! We still have everything under control. Hell, they are replacing him with another Jewish brother in Ballmer.

  • GRY56

    BweatherUR GRY56 DEKBSN My feelings do not matter in this. I was only being honest. The facts are only what matters in this. Sterling is kicked out of the NBA. That is a fact. This decision is not in question here. He is out for good. The stupid question here is whether the NBA can directly take his property on the bylaws of their Constitution. That is it. He is never going to get back in to the NBA period under any circumstances. That is why his wife took the deal she took. She knows this. Even if he was to have a lousy court rule in his favor. It would not matter. The league would not allow him back. They can do that. There is nothing any court can do about that. The players would not play for him. That is why the NBA go rid of him. He is not going to be a NBA citizen again period. That is a done deal. The rest of this is sour grapes. This is not a civil or criminal matter. It is the National Basketball Association mandate. There is nothing that can be changed about that. Just take his money from the sale of team and go away at the old age of 80. And look forward to the few years he has left in miserable life. Being in the NBA is not a civil right. It is a private sector league. So there are different rules that governs it.And all of this nonsense of Sterling will not change that. He is BANNED for LIFE! That can not be changed. The Commissioner would not do it because it would undermine his own credibility. That is the end of the matter. He can bitch and groan about this and that. He can look for insignificant hypocrisy. It does not matter. No one has ever been in this situation but him. And that is all there is to it. He can point of this and that. This does not matter. It is trying to convolute the subject. He is considered a NBA pariah. He will never be able to change that. He is gone forever.

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