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Fantasy Hockey Three Stars — Game 5 Alive

The Stanley Cup was not awarded last night as the New York Rangers survived in a 2-1 win. Fantasy hockey pools are, needless to say, not over yet.

Martin St Louis
Martin St Louis

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The strangest thing about hockey and fantasy hockey is the craziness that can ensue from a string of moments. This sport has a funny way of driving fans, media, and everyone crazy. Then there was the 2-0 lead the New York Rangers had that looked more precarious than playing hot potato.

How close was tonight’s game? The goal line came up huge twice, along with Anton Stralman and Derek Stepan.

The margin of victory can be razor thin fantasy hockey fans. Last night's Game 4 was no exception (Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report)

The margin of victory can be razor thin fantasy hockey fans. Last night’s Game 4 was no exception (Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report)

Anyone who is anyone knows that inches and snow win hockey games a lot more often than people think. The fact that this happened twice added to the craziness that may now come on Friday. With the Rangers win, there will be a game on Friday The 13th during a Full Moon. In the meantime, it is time for those fantasy hockey three stars.

Fantasy Hockey Three Stars

Third Star — Benoit Pouliot — New York Rangers

This was close. When you go down to points, Tanner Pearson had almost as many points as Pouliot but that first Rangers goal was immense. Think about how the first four games have gone and the almost power play goal just had a different meaning as opposed to the first three games. New York had its moments of solid play and the Pouilot goal set up by John Moore and Derick Brassard was a heck of a deflection. It set the tone for what would be some Game 4.

Second Star — Martin St. Louis — New York Rangers

Hey the game winning goal was another one of those goals just seconds after a four-on-four situation. The bottom line is Martin St. Louis found a way to put the puck in the net and it was the turning point of the game. The funny thing is after this goal, the Los Angeles Kings absolutely dominated the Rangers upside down and sideways. In fantasy hockey circles, it is not a bad deal. Simply the winger needs more clutch moments like this if New York is going to make this a series.

First Star — Henrik Lundqvist — New York Rangers

The same thing said about Martin St. Louis can be said about Henrik Lundqvist. Throw out all those beautiful elimination game numbers because let’s be blunt, a considerable amount of luck was accompanied by the goalie’s performance. Overall, a 40-save performance turns heads and gets a lot of notice. However, there was a post, a crossbar, and two pucks on goal lines that on most other ice surfaces crosses the line. That bottom line is Lundqvist was the only thing holding Los Angeles from lifting the hardware. The goalie will have to keep doing this if the Rangers even stand a chance of bringing the series back to New York.


Fantasy hockey fans will be riveted to know that though the season will be over soon, our coverage here has only just begun. Stay tuned!

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