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XN Sports Staff Fantasy Football Q&A


The XN Sports fantasy football staff is here to answer all of  your fantasy football questions. Trade proposals, add/drop advice, and last-minute lineup advice will all be answered in the comments section below.

  • Nick

    Vincent Jackson, Dez Bryant, Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith. Which two to start?

    • Dave Major

      Dez, Wayne. Nice lineup, btw — hope your RBs are as good!

      • Igor Derysh

        I'd go V Jax and Dez. Jackson had a huge game week 1, facing questionable Saints secondary.

  • Nick

    Last one, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 Flex – Ridley, Foster, R. Bush, D. Jackson, D. Bryant, Fitzgerald, Wayne, S. Smith

    • Dave Major

      I'd probably roll out Ridley, Bush, Dez, Wayne, Fitzgerald. Foster's in a timeshare until further notice. I think HOU and BUF are the new CAR backfields — immense talent trapped in a fantasy wasteland.

      DeSean's a pretty good option, but Fitzgerald has so much more talent (not to mention the injury risks in PHI). And it's hard to argue against starting talent over matchup.

    • Igor Derysh

      2 RB – Foster, Bush. Don't like Ridley after Wk 1 performance and Jets have a very tough front seven.

      2 WR – DeSean, Fitz.. Fitz looked great with Carson Palmer at the helm, DeSean is the only real target in an offense that is going to put up an obscene amount of plays.

      Flex – Dez

  • Greg

    need 1 rbs,and a flex please help-David Wilson,Moreno,Gio and for flex,the 2 you didn't pick,Cameron,or MWilliams?#FantasyFootball #fantasy

    • Igor Derysh

      I'd go with David Wilson since the other two should see limited touches. I'd go Mike Williams for flex, looked good Week 1 vs Jets and will face Saints secondary

      • Dave Major

        Igor clearly loves him some TB! I wouldn't chain my wagon to anything associated with Josh Freeman, IM-strong-O.

        • Igor Derysh

          I distrust the Saints secondary like I do the 7-Eleven burritos. The burritos play better man D though.

    • Dave Major

      Flex Jordan Cameron is an easy decision. He'll continue to look great.

      Your RBs are tougher. Wilson definitely. Probably Gio next, because you just don't know what you're getting in DEN's RBBC yet. #GoodLuck!

  • Igor Derysh

    Fellow writers, anyone have a good reason I shouldn't start Vick over Kaepernick (vs SEA) in one league and over RGIII in another?

    • Dave Major

      The most underrated stat in sports is durability. Only as far as your Vick v Kaepernick decision, I'd point to injury risk. Otherwise, Vick it up, IMO!

  • Tim Madsen

    Daryl Richardson or Dwill. 12 team standard scoring for a flex spot. Leaning dwill. Thanks.

  • Jon Olen

    Greg Olsen or Kyle Rudolph?

    • Dave Major

      Go Olson. Looks like a better matchup vs BUF. NE's slot guys scorched the Bills in week one (17 catches for the Edelmandola Combo Platter). Rudolph has to face CHI.

      • Jon Olen

        Awesome guys thanks. So I guess my next question should be Hankerson, Rudolph, Or Bell in my Flex position?

    • Igor Derysh

      Olsen, he had 9 targets to Rudolph's four on Sunday, has a much more reliable QB.

      • Jon Olen

        So I guess my next question should be Hankerson, Rudolph, Or Bell in my Flex position?

  • Bryan Knowles

    XNSports paging XNSports!

    Got offered Doug Martin and Jordy Nelson for Andre Johnson and Matt Forte in a non-PPR league. Something I'm missing, or should I jump on that?

    • Dave Major

      I would accept before he cancels out.

    • Igor Derysh

      Nothing better than having the owner of the buy-low top RB actually propose the trade to you. Definitely jump.

  • 2Diamond Fillipz

    D Richardson or J Cook for the flex this week against ATL? Rest of team (non PPR): ALuck, DMartin, SJax, DJax, Julio, Steve Johnson. Thanks!

    • Dave Major

      I value touches above all else, so I'd roll RB over TE. 20 touches > 10 targets, IMO. Every touch is an opportunity to score, esp RZ touches.

    • Igor Derysh

      Yeah, I agree with Dave, it's a tough call to use a TE as your flex, when in doubt, always lean RB.

  • Eduardo Zermeno

    What should I do about T-Rich this weekend?? I normally start T-Rich and DeMarco at RB and flex Sproles. Should I sit T-Rich, start Sproles and DeMarco at RB, and flex Antonio Gates/TY Hilton???

  • Igor Derysh

    Yeah, TRich is a big question mark and the 49ers matchup isn't great, especially after joining a new offense. I'd consider TY but he's also taking on the Niners. With Malcom Floyd out, Gates looks like a solid pick against the Titans. He's got 15 targets on the season and just missed scoring a TD against the Eagles. So I'd say Gates until TRich settles in and has a more favorable matchup.

  • Jonathan

    Jump all over that.

  • Jonathan

    Is that Bell, Joique? If so, roll with him

  • Erin Rawjers

    Need one WR and a flex in a std league, Edelman, Josh Gordon, Givens, Gio, Pierce, starks. If Rice is inactive Pierce will probably be my flex, but what is Rice is active?

    • Igor Derysh

      Edelman at WR, he's still Brady's only option. If RIce is active I might give Gio a look because of my RB bias but I think GIvens can have a big day against the Cowboys.

  • Eduardo Zermeno

    I have been offered James Jones and Knowshon Moreno for DeMarco Murray. Should I pull the trigger? DeMarco is my RB2. My WRs are Hakeem Nicks and Andre Johnson. I flex Darren Sproles. It's a standard, 12-team league with 2RB, 2WR, and 1RB/WE flex.

    • Igor Derysh

      Doesn't sound like you need Jones if you have Andre and Nicks. You're never going to want to start Knowshon. Remember, they're coming off of big Week 2 performances but they will both disappear just like they did in Week 1. I don't love Murray but I'd hold off.

    • Dave Major

      Murray's not gonna last very long; in two seasons, he's started 13 and 10 games each. Knowshon may not retain the starting job, but his ceiling is much, much higher than Murray's. If one back retains the starting gig for Denver, they've got RB1 value ROS in my book.

      Nicks is also an injury risk, but he's in a contract year, so he has plenty of motivation to stay on the field. Andre's certainly had his share of injury issues in the past as well. I'd try to move Murray or Nicks at some point, given higher ceiling options in return. But try to cash in on a sell-high if you can.

  • Catherine

    10-team 2QB league with shallow (3) bench. Have Wilson and Vick and feel the need to pick up a QB3 because of injury potential with Vick. Roster is:

    2QB Wilson, Vick
    3WR Demarius Thomas, Edelman, James Jones
    2RB McCoy, Forte
    flex Reggie Bush
    Bench Joique Bell (have to keep him), DeAndre Hopkins, Gio Bernard

    Alex Smith and Tannahill are available. Drop Gio Bernard, James Jones, or DeAndre Hopkins to pick up one of them or try to trade for a better QB? If I offered up a couple of them (the 3 I listed) for a QB, approx what range QB do you think I could get?

    • Igor Derysh

      10 team 2QB with a short bench means guys like Smith and Tannehill will still be out there when you actually need them. I agree that Vick is an injury risk but you can hold off and get a QB if he actually does get hurt. No need to rush it, there should be solid options available and it'll give you more time to see which of those guys is worth keeping and which should get the boot.

    • Dave Major

      I'd drop Hopkins for something. You've only got 3 extremely valuable bench slots, and you're wasting one for no reason. Rookie receivers almost never have value in fantasy, or in reality. It's worth considering taking on another RB (or WR, because of Edelman).


    18 team standard league
    Pre trade team
    Andre Johnson

    Post trade
    AJ green
    Free agent

    Which team do you guys like more?

    • Igor Derysh

      The pre-trade team. You upgrade Marshall over Andre and AJ over Decker but they're not massive upgrades and I don't think it's worth the rest of the downgrades.Hillman figures to have no use. I don't love McFadden but he's better than a waiver wire pickup. Bell figures to get plenty of touches and Bush hasn't gotten injured for the last time. Bradford is too inconsistent, Pryor is too but he adds rushing yards. When in doubt RB>WR.



        Do you agree with my reasoning? …

        Pryor is posting sub top 18 QB numbers. Hes currently ranked 23rd, basically a waiver wire QB (.25yds per point/6TD)..has a concussion (high probability of incurring another one considering his frequency of scrambling), and who knows if Flynn goes off vs Wash, he could conceivably replace him (unlikely but possible).

        Although bad game last night, Bradford through Week 3 is QB 8. He has shown ability to rack 20+ points early which is what you hope for with Pryor. His point explosions could offset loss of Bell/Mcfadden some weeks?


        Andre seems to be always banged up, currently injured and never gets into endzone. Still an elite WR but will probably fall outside top 10. Decker will probably finish in the same range or 15-20 range. AJ and BMarsh will finish top 5. They also have ability to rack 20 pt weeks and have higher ceilings and floors than Andre and Decker.

        J.Bell – Yes, Bush always seems to be banged up himself but Bell's likely weekly output is 8-12 pts.

        Mcfadden – Will ultimately get injured. Cut my losses now while he still has value?

        • Igor Derysh

          I understand your reasoning but in an 18-team league it sounds like you'd be permanently crippling an already mediocre backfield. Pryor and Bradford, to me, are a wash. Pryor's 200 rush yards more than makes up for his lower passing ability while Bradford looked good against faulty ARI and ATL defs while struggling against Dallas and SF, seeing his OL crumble around him.

          It's true that Bell has limited output when Bush does play, although he did put up 21 pts in Wk 1 with Bush in the game, similar effort this week w/o Bush while Hillman has next to zero value. Yes, as a past McFadden owner he's incredibly frustrating to own and will inevitably miss time but who are you going to pick up off waivers in an 18 team league that could come close to his fantasy potential? You'd end up with an RB still out there in Week 4 and Hillman, I'm not sure that AJ and Marshall will make up for that production.

          Yes, Andre is banged up but he's expected to play on Sunday (albeit against SEA) and played all 16 games last season. Will he fall out of the top 10? Maybe but he's finished with at least 1,500 yards in each of his last 3 full seasons and 1,200 in a banged up 13-game 2010. He'd be a better bet in a PPR league but still similar yardage to Brandon Marshall and similar TD totals outside of last season. Decker himself is coming off a 20 pt week and while his first two weren't quite that, AJ Green only has 10 receptions on 23 targets for less than 90 yards over his last two games so their production this far has been similar sans two touchdowns.

  • HansMoleman

    Some Stevan Ridley/David Wilson buy low questions…

    …trade Knowshon for either?
    …trade MJD for Ridley? Caveat being I already own Miller and Wilson on this team, so not sure I need to be incurring more risk.

    1 ppr in both


    • Igor Derysh

      Knowshon has seven receptions so in a PPR league, he probably has the edge in both. With Ball fumbling and Ronnie Hillman who only sees garbage time minutes, Moreno will probably get more touches than Ridley or Wilson.

      As far as MJD, that depends on if you ever actually start him. I've found in the two leagues that I have him in I never want to start him. If you feel like he's never going to make it into your lineup, by all means take a shot on Stevan Ridley potentially being the guy or David Wilson sorting out his problems. But only if you keep them on the bench until they do. They all figure to get 12-16 carries a game for now and haven't been very productive but Wilson and Ridley could have higher payouts later in the season.

      • HansMoleman

        I got creative with MJD for Ridley. Saw a chance to buy low on Spiller and turned it into a blockbuster. Traded Miller, MJD, and James Jones for Spiller, Ridley, and R Randle (who was basically a throw in).

        Team prior to trade was (3 WR, 2 RB, no flex):

        RB: MJD, Wilson, Miller, Snelling
        WR: Dez, Gordon, Stevie J, James Jones

        Team was 2-1 but scored 80 less points in 3 weeks than 2 other 2-1 teams. Definitely think the RB problems were the main reason.Wdyt?

        • Igor Derysh

          Yeah, Spiller has nowhere to go but up, Ridley more valuable than Wilson or Miller IMO, Jones is a tough loss but you have WR depth so all looks good from here.

  • Tim Madsen

    I have fleener and olsen. I hate carrying two TEs. In this case, is it worth it? 12 team non-ppr. Thanks.

    • Igor Derysh

      It never hurts to have two TEs for bad matchups and bye weeks. Fleener has had great games against good matchups and terrible games against tough ones. If you'd rather not, I'd keep Olsen who's already had his bye week. Fleener has been targeted inconsistently and saw almost no targets against the Raiders and Niners. Olsen has seen at least 7 targets every game and at least 54 yards each game.

  • Ya FantayFootball

    1PPR, No Flex. Owner really wants Lynch to pair with AP. I need to upgrade WR.

    He's offering Amendola, Brown and (LBell or C2K) for Lynch and RWhite.

    I have:
    WR: DBryant, RWhite, SSmith, RWoods, JKerley, SHill
    RB: Lynch, DMurray, DMC, BPowell
    TE: Clay, Owens

    He has:
    WR: BMarshall, Amendola, ABrown, Decker, Washington
    RB: AP, Lacy, LMiller, C2K, LBell
    WR: Cameron

    Accept? Counter? Reject?

    • Igor Derysh

      It's a solid deal if you get Bell, I wouldn't start him against the Jets this week though. You obviously need help at WR and while Roddy should pick things up, this helps you shore up that position and still leaves you with solid RBs.

      • Ya FantayFootball

        Thanks. The deal actually changed to ABrown,Amendola,Lacy for Lynch,SSmith and I accepted.

  • Mike

    Should I bench Stafford against Cleveland? I have Tannehill on bye so who should I pick up for the week if I bench Stafford?
    Also wondering who to statt at FLEX…D Jax, Giovanni Bernard, or Cecil Shorts? Thanks!

    • Igor Derysh

      If Calvin doesn't play, Stafford isn't going to have a good game against Cleveland. Who's available? Here are some of the guys I like this week at QB

      I like DJax over the other two, though Bernard is always liable to go off.

      • Mike

        Henne, Dalton, Foles, and Glennon are available.

        • Igor Derysh

          Honestly, as a one week rental, I like Henne. He's going to have to pass a lot against a rough Denver defense that just allowed 48 points and threw for 235+ yards in both of his starts against Oakland and Seattle.

  • MisterMilus

    standard league. team is now worthless due to injuries/poor play. im at 5-2 my roster is

    QB: peyton

    RB: rice, pierce, tate, sproles, lamar miller,montee, ridley

    WR: andre, wayne, boldin, shorts, harvin

    TE: cameron

    should i trade peyton for matt ryan/demaryius or stafford/dez?

    also, i think i can get lacy for rice+andre. is this trade worth it?

    • realdavemajor

      Definitely get Lacy. He's a top 5 back now, in my opinion. There are probably fewer than 5 RBs who's coaches give them 20+ touches/game.

  • HansMoleman

    14-team, 2 QB league (not a typo), 1 PPR, 6 pt/pass TD. There are no individual skill position slots. Instead, there are 4 flex spots + 2 super flexes. So yes, you can have up to 4 QBs going at once. Furthermore, there are only 3 bench spots! Bizarre settings, I know. My team is a monster (3 way t-1st at 6-1) but has a major bye week crunch.

    QBs: Brees, Pryor
    Flexes: V-Jax, Cruz, Bernard, Gordon, Ponder, Campbell
    Bench: James Jones, T-Rich, Marshall, Woodhead
    Kicker: EMPTY
    DST: Pats (vs Mia)

    Facing another 1st place team this week (who is at full strength), so I really can't afford not to have a kicker. I've tried offering several 2-for-1s across the league but came up empty. I see 3 realistic options:

    1. Drop James Jones
    2. Drop T-Rich
    3. Play short-handed without a kicker. I'd likely drop Ponder next week and thus keep my stable of flexes in tow, but probably costing myself ~7 points on average in a critical matchup.

    Tempted for option 2 as I like Jones>Richardson, but I kinda think Richardson's name value might allow me to net more from him if I continue to try 2-for-1s. I am still seriously considering option 3 as well figuring I shouldn't hurt my team long term to gain a few points in 1 week.

    Any input? Thank you.

    • realdavemajor

      This comes a little late, but maybe Ponder or James Jones or T-Rich at this stage of the season. If it's a keeper league, don't let T-Rich go.

  • ACC

    IS Alshon Jeffery and Justin Blackmon (mine) for T.Y. Hilton (opponents) a good trade?

    • realdavemajor

      I'm sure the Blackmon trade is off the table now, but I would move Alshon to get TY. TY's the #1 option in IND, Alshon is #2 in CHI.

  • DSpence

    V Jackson or M James tonight. Flex spot is open and only need 7pts for the win.

    • I always tend to go with the better player in such situations, and in this case it would be VJax, but James has been playing well, and goes up against a Dolphins rush defense that hasn't been able to stop a whole lot on the ground recently.

      If it's non-PPR, I would feel confident in James, and would lean VJax, if it's full PPR.

  • Mike

    view on trade in PPR, steven Ridley for Julius Thomas, Currently on roster RB:MarshawnLynch, Zac Stacy, Andre Ellington*& TE: Tim Wright)

    • You have to do that trade. You're good at RB, but need the TE upgrade.

  • paul

    It's playoff time for a PPR league. I can either start Steve Johnson or Michael Crabtree in my last flex spot. What is your advice here?

    • realdavemajor

      Crabtree has been pretty invisible in his return so far. Neither has a great upside, but Johnson may be more involved with BUF than Crabtree with SF.

  • Stevie Q

    1/2 PPR and Return League (25 yards per point)
    Rank these players for Week 15:

    Cordarrelle Patterson, Darren Sproles, Andre Ellington, Marques Colston, Montee Ball, Toby Gerhart, or Jacoby Jones

    Must play two of them

    • realdavemajor

      Sproles, Ball, Ellington, Colston, Jones, Patterson. If Gerhart gets the start, I'd put him above Ball.

  • Kmccrary1210

    Hi. This is a question regarding the Equity Scores, which have been a revelation, thanks for the intense work! My question is where the rank comes from in the high end projection column. Is that where the player would have ranked in 2013, or assuming all players reach their 2014 high end projections, or using the baseline of all the rest of the players scoring at or near their median scores for 2014 (or something my limited analysis has totally missed)? I realize this tool is not intended as precise measure but rather a way to identify potential inefficiencies in DP relative to potential value. Still the question won’t go away. Thanks!

  • schillingjoshua

    Hard Week 1 matchup for my top RB in Eddie Lacy. I’m in a PPR league and considering potentially starting Pierre Thomas instead. Any thoughts? My other starting RB is Arian Foster, who has a solid matchup.

  • schillingjoshua The old adage is start your players, and despite Lacy’s matchup you have to start him as your (likely) first round pick. As for RB2, I’m a fan of Pierre Thomas, but until Foster is unable to go he is an advised start in your format.

  • artcyolin

    Non-PPR League.  Who would you start at RB  between Eddie Lacy@ Detroit or Terrance West home against Baltimore?

  • Mitche11

    I am starting Forte, Lacy, Marshall, and Wallace as my rb and wr in my ppr. I need to choose two flex starters from Ridley, Benjamin, Gerhart, T. Smith, J. Hill, and Pierce. Thanks!

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