Browns’ Josh Gordon: Your Actions Show You Just Don’t Care About Football

Josh Gordon
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Cleveland Browns fans and fantasy football addicts alike can agree that they are not big fans of Josh Gordon at the moment.

A few weeks after getting word that the Browns’ do-it-all wide receiver could face a suspension for a repeat violation of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy, Gordon was issued a speeding ticket in Strongsville, Ohio over Memorial Day weekend, while his passenger was cited for possession of marijuana.

According to in Ohio, Gordon was going fast, and there was more than enough pot in his car.

Already in trouble with the National Football League for a reported failed drug test, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was issued a speeding ticket over the Memorial Day holiday weekend in Strongsville.

According to the citation, Gordon’s 2014 grey Mercedes-Benz SUV was clocked going 74 miles an hour in a 60-mile-per-hour zone north of state route 82 on Interstate 71 North at 9:43 p.m. on Sunday, May 25.

In addition to his speeding ticket, Gordon’s passenger was issued a citation for possession of marijuana in an amount under 200 grams during the traffic stop. The marijuana was found in a blue bag with identification, and Gordon’s passenger admitted it was theirs on the scene.

Umm, really?

Gordon is one of — if not — the league’s next up-and-coming superstar wide receiver. He led the NFL in receiving yards a year ago with cats named Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell under center.

But off-the-field incidents are an example of Gordon’s immaturity. It’s why he was taken in the NFL’s supplemental draft and not in the first or second round of the regular draft in 2013. It’s why after he had initially failed the league’s drug test, he continued to not take it seriously, then drive 74 miles per hour with more illegal drugs in his car.

And let’s be honest: just because “his friend” was holding onto the marijuana doesn’t mean Gordon wasn’t smoking it. Having a friend take the fall — does Gordon think he’s Lil Wayne or something?

Gordon is letting NFL fans and Browns fans down big time. Fans want to see him and rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel on the field together as the team turns over the page onto a new chapter. But instead they won’t see Gordon at all this season. He’ll be a non-factor. And given his recent track record, can we rule out another run-in with the law that could force him to miss even more time?

Gordon is already in Stage 3 of the league’s substance-abuse policy, and he can never escape that while he’s still playing in the NFL. It means he’s subject to drug tests upwards of 10 times per month.

Commissioner Roger Goodell issued Gordon a 16-game suspension, one that the wide receiver was expected to appeal. A reduction in games seems extremely unlikely at this point — essentially impossible — and is now closer to receiving a lifetime ban at this point.

Gordon needs to figure out if he’s serious about his professional football career. Even if that seems like an obvious type of question, his actions are speaking louder than anything else.

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