The World of Wade

Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade
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It’s the season of Dwyane Wade.

Anytime you can be days away from marrying Hollywood A-list beauty and Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union, and she approvingly agrees that right now should be all about your chase for a ring of a different sort, you know you’re living a charmed existence.

Such is the World of Wade. A man who all season long hasn’t seemed to make one wrong move. Like deciding to sit out roughly one-third of the Miami Heat’s games this season so that he and his chronically bad knees could feel their best when the games were at their most critical.

Such was the case in the Heat’s pivotal 99-87  Game 3 Eastern Conference Finals win over Indiana Saturday night, giving Miami a 2-1 series lead.

With everything on the line, namely Wade and LeBron James’ place in immorality in the form of becoming the only other team besides Michael Jordan‘s Bulls and Kobe Bryant‘s Lakers over nearly the last two decades to earn an NBA three-peat, DWade has been balling like he has at no other time in recent history.

And it goes much further than him draining what were essentially back-to-back treys in a game for the first time since the 2011 finals against Oklahoma City, with, yes, everything again on the line.

Sense the pattern here? Dwyane Wade seemingly was built for these pressure-filled, do-or-die moments. Against the Pacers, he’s averaging 24 points, four assists, and three rebounds. Overall for the playoffs, the 11-year veteran and three-time champion is scoring five more points per game than he did during the regular season and shooting a sizzling 60 percent from the floor.

More importantly, the Heat are now in the driver’s seat against the despised Pacers in their historic chase for another NBA title. Such is the world of Wade. Somewhere Mary Jane must be smiling.

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