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Week 5 Fantasy Baseball Buys and Sells

Josh Collacchi looks at players to target in your fantasy baseball league and others to rid your team of before it’s too late.

Billy Hamilton
Billy Hamilton

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

It’s May 1, which means that the halfway point of the fantasy baseball season is already fast approaching. Most batters have around 100 at-bats and starting pitchers have started five or more times. What does that mean? Their respective fantasy values have been established, and trades are more likely to happen as opposed to the beginning of the season.

Buying high and selling low are two things you want to avoid, even if you are in dire need. Be sure to check the waiver wire as well.

Each week, XN Sports will have a Buys and Sells column, describing a few players to go after, or to get rid of. We all know to buy low and sell high, but are there players that are worth buying high or selling low? Each week we’ll get into that, and explain why to buy or sell.

This week’s edition of Buys and Sells:

Buy High

Billy Hamilton, Cincinnati Reds

Once again, buying high is not usually advised, as it does not make business sense. But some players are worth buying despite their recent play being very good. This week’s player is Billy Hamilton. Hamilton started off slow, but in his last 50 at-bats he has 16 hits, 10 runs, and nine stolen bases. Hamilton was drafted very high, and a lot of fantasy players had high expectations for him. It seems that Hamilton has turned that corner and will be the MLB’s prominent base stealer for the rest of the season. If you can get him, he’s worth taking and starting everyday in your outfield.

Buy Low

Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers

How odd does it sound that Adrian Beltre is a “buy low” candidate? So far this season, Beltre has a .255 batting average with zero home runs and just five runs batted in. He is just one week removed from injury and has been one of the most consistent producers at third base for the last few years. He has actually been dropped in some leagues (just a few). If you can find the impatient league mate who is willing to trade Beltre, go get him. Who wouldn’t want a .300 batting average with 30 home runs and 100 runs batted in at third base?

Sell High

Collin McHugh, Houston Astros

If you are the one with McHugh in your league, do your best to trade him and get some value for him. Chances are he was added off the waiver wire within the last week, and with his scorching-hot numbers so far, someone in your league may take him. Why sell a guy with a 0.59 ERA and a 0.52 WHIP? In his career, McHugh has a 6.89 ERA and a 1.48 ERA WHIP. That includes this season so far. If you can trade McHugh and land a starting pitcher who is struggling, or package him for a player you want, consider it a win. McHugh may be the next Aaron Harang, who just gave up nine runs after a torrid start.

Sell Low

Curtis Granderson, New York Mets

Selling low is one of the most unfortunate things a fantasy baseball player can do, because it means that you are getting much less than what you would have liked. But sometimes a player just does not have value anymore, regardless of outside factors. If you can’t get anything for these guys, it is too late.

This week, sell low on Curtis Granderson. He has 12 hits this season. Just a dozen base knocks in almost 90 at-bats with just one home run. Is he just in a slump? Last year, Granderson only hit .229 with seven home runs in just 214 at-bats. The year before he hit 43 home runs, but only hit .232. It seems that Granderson’s power is almost gone, or deteriorating, which makes him close to worthless in fantasy baseball. See if you can find a taker for the former Yankee and Tigers’ outfielder, maybe a Mets fan who still has high hopes for him. Has he at least gotten any better? Not at all, Granderson has just four hits in his last 41 at-bats. Trade him for anything you can get.

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