Brandon Spikes Is Putting the Bills in Position For a Patriotic Beating

Brandon Spikes
Brandon Spikes
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All is fair game when it comes to on-the-field trash-talking — just ask Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman . But comments made via Twitter during the offseason — not so much.

Former New England Patriots and newly signed Buffalo Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes is giving his former team, an AFC East rival, more than enough bulletin board for the upcoming season. Spikes went on a Twitter rant to conjure up some … leftover feelings of animosity he has for New England, and he’s setting the stage what could be a patriotic storm.

There’s a couple of broken rules in play here. One: maybe don’t refer to your time as a member of the Patriots as “being a slave,” especially when a film just came with a similar title about what the actual, horrific life of being a slave was about.

Secondly, don’t do anything to anger a perennial AFC and Super Bowl contender, especially Bill Belichick. Now, let me preface this by saying the Bills aren’t actually a bad team personnel-wise. They have the makings of a team that could be very competitive. But do they see New England twice per year, and when The Hoodie wants to make you pay, he’s going to do so. Running up the score, exploiting mismatches and embarrassing the Bills’ defense is now officially on the table, and you might as well book two wins in the book for New England now.

I get it, Brandon, your time in Foxborough didn’t end on good terms. Apparently, there was a difference in opinion between Spikes and the team when he was placed on the injured reserve list prior to the playoff bout with the Indianapolis Colts. Spikes claimed he wasn’t hurt, despite sitting out of practices. Reports surfaced soon after that Spikes was late to a team meeting, and he paid the consequence.

I think it’s fine to taunt a bit on Twitter, and Spikes had the perfect opportunity to do so because I imagine he’s still tight with a number of the current Patriots players. But there’s a bold, bold line between having fun with former teammates and referring the first four years in the league “as a slave,” not to mention putting pressure on the rest of your team to somehow pull off two wins against New England.

By the way, the Pats have won five in a row against the Bills and 18 of the past 19 head-to-head meeting dating back to 2003. So if anybody is suggesting this year is the year the Bills sweep the season series, some background work is definitely needed.

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